• Research & Publications

    Strong research and evidence are key to informing the work we do here at the Alliance.

  • Making Time

    Making Time - Join In’s latest ground-breaking research looks at how behavioural science can persuade more people to give their time and volunteer, with a focus on sport.

  • What's the Score?

    What's the Score? provides a snapshot of the state of health that sports clubs in England and Wales find themselves in. It looks at things like number of members, volunteers and the diversity of membership.

  • Physical activity and health: Working together to get the nation moving

    Launched as part of the Alliance’s Fit for the Future series and in collaboration with ukactive, Physical Activity and Health provides an up-to-date picture of the public health and commissioning landscape in England and sets out the key role the sport, recreation and physical activity sectors can play in tackling poor physical and mental health.

  • Uncovering the Social Value of Sport

    The Sport and Recreation Alliance ran a social value of sport themed month, taking a closer look at the social role sport plays in local communities

  • Fit for the Future

    The Fit for the Future report that was launched at the Sports Summit in June 2015. This scene-setting report considers the changing external environment and what challenges and opportunities this might bring for the sport and recreation sector

  • Sports Club Survey 2013

    Nearly 3,000 sports clubs across more than 100 different sports took part in our 2013 survey to give us a full look at the health of the UK’s grassroots community clubs.

  • Olympic and Paralympic legacy survey

    Following the UK's success at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Sport and Recreation Alliance wanted to know whether the UK is on its way to becoming a world-class sporting nation

  • Game of Life

    The Game of Life report brings together, for the first time, all of the best evidence to support all the reasons why sport is good for you.

  • Future Trends

    Alliance research written in partnership with the Future Foundation – the world’s number one independent consumer trends and insight firm – explores the five key trends that every sport and recreation organisation must be aware of

  • Reconomics

    The Reconomics report brings together all the existing information, research and evidence relating to the impact of outdoor recreation and provides a compelling case to politicians of the true value of outdoor recreation