Making sport and recreation volunteering more representative and accessible

We were awarded the Join In brand in late 2016 and we pledged to continue building on the sport volunteering legacy created during London 2012. The sport and recreation sector is changing fast, but the need for volunteers has remained consistent and Join In can help you and your clubs find the volunteers you need to help get the nation active.

In our new five year strategy, we identified initial objectives for the period 2017-21 that reflect both continuing work we do already, which we know is valued, and new areas of work where we believe we can create value and make a difference. One of our four objectives is to: 

Volunteering in local sport has the power to create healthier, happier people and stronger communities.

How we (all) win: Our research shows that volunteering in sport is good for all of us:



People who volunteer in sport “win” – as sharing our time (and experience) makes us happier, gives us more self-esteem, sense of purpose and helps us learn new skills and make friendships.



Local sport wins. Almost all grassroots clubs and activity groups rely on volunteers, and 7 out of 10 currently need more people to help out. Each new volunteer makes a huge difference – typically giving a club the capacity to welcome 8.5 more members.



Our communities win by enabling people to find ways to play sport and live more active, healthier lives. Volunteers also care about their local areas – they are more likely to feel pride, invest their time, and build trust in communities.


During #VolunteersWeek we spoke to a number of sports stars and volunteers to get their perspective on the value of volunteering in sport and recreation, including Leon Taylor Olympic Silver Medallist in Diving:




You can find out more about how to reach more volunteers by creating a profile page for your club here.


Find local volunteer positions by using our opportunity finder here.