Joymo is the live video streaming platform for athletes, teams and sports, at every level of the sporting pyramid. Joymo enables those involved in sport participation to broadcast their valuable content and sell access to passionate fans wherever they are. With Joymo, content creators can utilise the camera on their mobile device and stream through the Joymo Share app or use the company’s 4K HD camera that includes automatic action tracking, with no need for a camera operator.Joymo is all about empowering sports organisers and participants - at all levels - by providing them with affordable tools and technology to broadcast directly to their fans. There are still so many federations, clubs and leagues that aren’t realising the value of their content and often give it away for free on social media platforms who then own the data and the advertising income from its viewers.
Joymo not only helps users to generate revenues, but also provides ownership of all advertising, sponsorship and data which is massively important. And, unlike traditional media broadcast deals, the Joymo model is based on the premise that when the rights owners succeed the platform provider succeeds, and that’s exactly as it should be. 
Neil Mosley
Strategic Partnerships Manager 
P: 44(0) 7740 698168