Membership Options

Joining the Sport and Recreation Alliance is pretty simple. We have a couple of membership options to suit your organisation's structure.

The membership fee level we require of you is a fixed amount, dependant on your organisations turnover but to give you an idea, fees can be as low as £180 +VAT for a year’s membership.

To become a member organisations must be not for profit/and or a charity. Organisations must either be:

  • a national governing body of sport or physical recreation
  • a voluntary, representative, multi-sport/physical recreation organisation with UK-wide coverage
  • Sport and/or recreation must be at the heart of your activities

Become a member


There are three types of membership. The subscription scales for the year commencing 1 April 2021. Please note all fees are subject to the addition of VAT.

All except Major Spectator Sports

Full member tier 1 £189 £0 -£100k
Tier 2 £226 £100K-£1m
Tier 3 £267 £1m-£5m
Tier 4 £607 £5-£10m
Tier 5 £910 £10m-£25m
Tier 6 £1,213 £25m-£100m
MSSD tier 1 £1,567.00 £0-£10m
Tier 2 £1,938 £10m-£20m
Tier 3 £2,711 £20m-£50m
Tier 4 £3,635 £50-£100m
Tier 5 £4,231 £100m-£500m
Associate tier 1 £174 0-£30k
Tier 2 £267 30k-100k
Tier 3 £471 100k-1m
Tier 4 £664 1m-5m
Tier 5 £1,129 5m-10m


If you would like further information about Alliance membership please contact us on 020 7976 3928 or