Fit for the Future

Is your organisation fit for the future?

Do you think our sector is ready to face the challenges of tomorrow?


Fit for the Future is a theme that will underpin the Sport and Recreation Alliance’s work over the coming 12 months and beyond.

It started with our Fit for the Future report that was launched at the Sports Summit in June 2015. This scene-setting report considers the changing external environment and what challenges and opportunities this might bring for the sport and recreation sector. It covers these broad areas:

• Public finances and political change
• Legal and regulatory environment
• Leadership and workforce
• Health
• Natural environment
• Participation and impact

Across all of these themes there are also issues around equality and inclusion, as well as the growing role of technology across sport and recreation. This is by no means exhaustive but we wanted to flag key areas that we think will impact on our sector.

What next?

Fit for the Future is about working together to help the sector thrive. Over the coming months we want to build on the themes and issues identified in our report. Activities may include:

• supporting the development of knowledge and skills within our sector through training or events
• sharing good practice and innovation
• championing the sport and recreation through our lobbying work
• creating an environment in which sport and recreation can thrive

This is the beginning of a journey and we look forward to working with you to support our sector to be fit for the future.

Download the Fit for the Future report