About the Sport and Recreation Alliance

Who we are, what we do

We bring together the sport and recreation sector and support our members to tackle the challenges and take advantage of opportunities. We are the voice of the sector with Government, policy makers and the media. We help get the nation active at the grassroots by providing advice, support and guidance.

Our strategy comes at a critical juncture for both society and our sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has simultaneously reinforced the importance of sport, recreation and physical activity to the lives of individuals and communities but also highlighted how easily it can be taken away. Now, more than ever, we must work creatively and collaboratively to make the case for sport and recreation. 

We hope this strategy will set out for you what we will be focusing on over the next four years and how you can be supported. 

You can read the full strategy here: Support. Recover. Achieve.

Our impact 2019/20


Here is our journey so far:

Demonstrate the economic and social value of sport and recreation

Make sport and recreation volunteering more representative and accessible

Work together with the sector to improve the availability, accessibility and quality of sport and recreation for children and young people

  • Produced a foundation report Why are we failing our children? that looked at the progress and engagement with children and young people over the past 40 years
  • Launched the #RightToBeActive campaign with a petition calling on government to give every child the fundamental right to be active

Make our members and us fit for the future