Alliance Brexit Support

The Sport and Recreation Alliance is working hard to support our members during the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. We are constantly monitoring the situation in Westminster and are working with colleagues in government to provide the most up to date information for the sector.

As part of this work, the Alliance has created a number of documents which offer advice and guidance to our members.

Brexit Preparedness Q&A

With the conversation around Brexit moving all the time, the Sport and Recreation Alliance has pulled together an article to provide guidance to our members on several frequently asked questions.

Take a look at these frequently asked questions here and contact the policy team here to ask any further questions you may have.

No Deal Brexit Guidance

As we approach the revised deadline for leaving the European Union (EU) on 31 October 2019, it is possible the UK could leave without a deal covering the terms of withdrawal and likely future relationship – a so-called ‘no deal Brexit’ scenario.

The government has published guidance – in the form of Technical Notices – and has developed a Brexit readiness checker to try and help individuals and businesses prepare in the event of no deal.

We have pulled together the most relevant guidance in one, easy-to-understand document. You can read that here.

Six Tests for Government 

The Sport and Recreation Alliance has created six tests for government to make sure that the sport and recreation sector continues to trhive beyond Brexit.

Brexit poses some unique challenges for sport and recreation. Our sector is truly international in its reach: the UK plays host to some of the biggest global events which attract world-class talent and millions of fans, many of them from the EU. 

Read more about the six tests we have asked of government here.

Brexit Podcast

Earlier this year we invited two members of the Alliance Policy team, Leigh Thompson and Ryan McCullough, to sit down and run us through the Brexit latest and look at some of the key areas where a ‘no deal’ Brexit is likely to have a big impact on the sport and recreation sector. 

There is likely to be a further episode dedicated to this issue in the near future as we stay on top of the advice we provide to our members.

You can listen to this episode of the Sport and Recreation Podcast here.