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Episode 10 - Increasing Inclusiveness for Sport and Recreation 

Posted - 10 October 2019

This episode celebrates World Mental Health Day as we look at the issue of inclusiveness in the sector. We are joined by the Alzheimer’s Society ambassador Tracey Shorthouse and Programme Partnerships Officer for Sport and Leisure, Steve McFadyen.


Episode 9 - Introducing Lisa Wainwright

Posted - 24 September 2019

In this special episode we invite Tom Walker, contributing Editor at Sports Management magazine, to sit down with Alliance CEO Lisa Wainwright for a one-to-one chat. In this exclusive interview, the pair discuss Lisa’s background in the sector and her ambitions for the Sport and Recreation Alliance.


Episode 8 - The Social Impact of Sport and Recreation

Posted - 10 September 2019

This episode we welcome three organisations who are effectively targeting hard to reach communities in order to get children and young people active. In an open and engaging conversation, we are joined by London Youth Rowing CEO Matt Rostron, Co-Founder of Gloves Up Knives Down, David Edgell and the Community Manager of Snow-Camp Charity, Dan Keeley.


Episode 7 - Crowdfunding your way to success

Posted - 10 July 2019

In this edition we take a look at how organisations, no matter their size, could use Crowdfunding effectively to support income generation. We speak to British Mountaineering Council and British Gliding Association, who discussed how it helped fund their projects.


Episode 6 - Improve your club finances: Your 101 guide to the Community Amateur Sports Club Scheme

Posted - 11 June 2019

This episode we dive into the Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) Scheme which allows local amateur sports clubs to register with HMRC and benefit from a range of tax and giving benefits, including Gift Aid. We also have a chat with Dave Stubley, Club Management & Volunteer Manager at the RFU, about his experience of supporting numerous rugby clubs in their journey to becoming CASC registered.


Episode 5 - Mental health and sport with Mind and England Athletics

Posted - 13 May 2019

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and so we are talking about the role sport and recreation can play in improving our mental health. We are joined by Hayley Jarvis from the mental health charity Mind and Liz Purbrick and Kate Bone of England Athletics to discuss this important issue. 


Episode 4 - Andy Parkinson

Posted - 27 March 2019

This week we welcome Andy Parkinson, CEO of British Rowing onto the show. . Having  led British Rowing through a period of significant change  over the past four years we  asked Andy: “A  modern national governing body which celebrates the past while being relevant to the next generation. Is it possible?


Episode 3 - Tim Hollingsworth

Posted - 7 February 2019

Our CEO, Emma Boggis sits down with Sport England CEO, Tim Hollingsworth to get his take on behaviour change and hear about what we can expect from Sport England in the coming months and beyond.


Episode 2 - Brexit

Posted - 23 January 2019

Leigh and Ryan discuss the latest political twists and turns with Brexit and explain what could happen now that Theresa May’s deal has been defeated. They discuss the options that are still available and look at some of the key areas where a ‘no deal’ Brexit is likely to have a big impact on the sport and recreation sector. 


Episode 1 - Introducing The Sport and Recreation Podcast

Posted - 11 January 2019

In this mini episode, host Rob Arnott and Alliance CEO Emma Boggis introduce The Sport and Recreation Podcast and touch on what you can expect from us in the coming months.


Elite sport and mental health  (00:25:32) 

Posted - 14 May 2018

James Allen, Director of Policy, Governance and External Affairs at the Alliance is joined by Ian Braid, Founder and Managing Director of DOCIAsport, for a candid discussion about mental health across the elite and professional sport system and the sector’s duty of care to athletes, officials, coaches and performance support staff alike.


Sport, Society And Mental Health (00:20:35) 

Posted - 15 May 2018

James Allen, Director of Policy, Governance and External Affairs, is again joined by Ian Braid, Founder and Managing Director of DOCIAsport, to discuss the sport and recreation sector’s action around mental health to date, the role of the workplace in supporting our wellbeing and the scope for wider engagement with public health.