Template Action Plans

You will be asked to commit to three actions when your organisation signs up to the Mental Health Charter. We know that organisations work in different ways and some signatories have told us that they’d find a template action plan helpful, so we’ve created some. Some ideas for action are suggested but these are just examples of what could be done. Some are small steps and others much bigger, some look internally within your organisation and others deliver externally.

Take a look at the most appropriate plan for your organisation:

Action plan for a national governing body

Action plan for a players association

Action plan for community & grassroots clubs and projects

Action plan for leisure providers

Action plan for education settings

We want to help you to take action but due to limited resources we can only offer tailored advice to national governing bodies or players associations. Please send completed plans to sport@mind.org.uk and an expert at Mind will offer feedback.

However, if you are a club, project or education setting and have done an action plan please still let us know so that we can capture it to help us demonstrate the impact of work done under the Charter banner.

We will then check in with you to see how you’re doing.

Examples of action plans 

Some signatories have shared their experiences of developing action plans through blogs:

Access Sport 

British Tennis

World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association

Some signatories have also agreed to share their action plans to help others develop their own. Please take a look and we hope you are inspired to take your own action:

Amateur Swimming Association

British Orienteering

Child Protection in Sport Unit

Derbyshire Sport

Edinburgh University Sports Union

English Karate Council

Karate Union Great Britain

Leicestershire and Rutland Sport

My Players


Professional Cricketers Association

Professional Players Federation

Sport and Recreation Alliance

Table Tennis England

Women's League of Health & Beauty/Fitness League

World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association