Community Sport & Recreation Awards

2020 Community Sport and Recreation Awards nominations are now closed.

Community Engagement Award

The Community Engagement Award celebrates community clubs/programmes which have increased participation by bringing the whole community together through either sport, recreation or physical activity. In addition, the award focuses on how organisations have developed the skills and abilities of its participants whilst working with disadvantaged and underrepresented groups.


  1. Brighton Table Tennis Club
  2. Pro Touch SA CIC
  3. Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles- Howe Bridge Leisure Centre

Mental Health and Wellbeing Award

The Health and Wellbeing Award celebrates clubs/programmes which uses the power of sport and recreation to promote and enhance positive wellbeing. Applying organisations will be ambassadors for promoting good health and wellbeing policies that take positive steps encouraging open conversations about mental health and physical wellbeing.


  1. Watford FC CSE Trust
  2. Mansfield Runners
  3. Moving Forces

The Partnerships Award

The Partnerships Award celebrates clubs/programmes which have worked in partnership with others to inspire people to be active either through sport, recreation or physical activity. Furthermore, the partnership should develop income streams that addresses a customer demand and creates new ways of using sport, recreation or physical activity to give people a better chance of being active.


  1. Herts Sports Partnership
  2. Access Sport- Flyerz Hockey
  3. Derby County Community Trust

The Volunteering Award

The Volunteering Award celebrates clubs/programmes that make volunteering accessible to people from all backgrounds. It also celebrates organisations that ensure volunteers feel valued through a reward and recognition system as well as those that develops the skills and abilities of their volunteers.


  1. British Blind Sport
  2. Active Life: She’s Ready
  3. Swim England Youth Advisory Panel

The Youth Development Award

The Youth Development Award celebrates clubs/programmes/schools that are significantly improving the lives of children and young people through either sport, recreation or physical activity. Winning entries show how they’ve creatively provided regular physical activity to children and young people and ultimately been successful in building sport and recreation as a regular habit for children and young people.


  1. Boccia England
  2. The Boxing Academy
  3. Joseph Chamberlain College

You can see who has won in previous years by checking our Alumni page