Going Green Award

Welcome to the Community Sport and Recreation Awards 2024: Going Green Award

The Going Green Award celebrates organisations/clubs that are making a commitment towards reducing net emissions and increasing sustainability.  Showing a consideration of the footprint we leave behind is arguably the key issue of our lifetime across society, as well as in the sport and recreation sector, so we think it’s vital to recognise those that are leading the way.

Entries for the Going Green Award are now open - please submit your nomination using the form below:

You can find out more about last year's finalists here:

Bournemouth BMX

Bournemouth BMX is committed to doing what they can to reduce their impact on the planet, with their track built on the site of an old landfill, with the natural environment all around, and close to the River Stour.

They have implemented many initiatives, such as giving out reusable cups, having a water refill station, having recycling facilities in place at their events, using only local suppliers (for catering, printing, fencing and marquees), having club shirts made from recycled plastic bottles, and repairing, reusing or recycling old shirts.

The club plans to spread the word and support other clubs and venues to implement the measures they have demonstrated to help even more organisations go green.

Port Vale Foundation and Sandon Primary School

Port Vale Foundation and Sandon Primary School took up the challenge to join a Planet League competition. Planet League is a competition-based activity platform that focuses on green tasks such as meat-free meals, walking to school, and planting fruit and vegetables.

As a result of completing these challenges, they have scored a combined 2505 green goals, and have set families homework challenges to see if they can become green champions at home to reduce their carbon footprint.

The impact has been that they have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 5549kg, which is the equivalent of planting 316 trees – an amazing 9% of the total emissions of Port Vale Foundation.

Saunton Golf Club

Saunton Golf Club have been doing fantastic work in reducing their environmental impact in a number of different ways.

They have: designed a detailed five-year Ecological Plan, naturalised their fairway bunkers, taking on more land to set up a turf nursery, growing wild and rare flowers on the site to help bee populations, installing solar panels, using hybrid mowers, having electric car charging points, and encouraging recycling on site.

They have plans for more solar panels in the future, alongside a host of other-environmentally friendly initiatives, moving towards a cashless site (meaning less need for banking) and paperless site, as well as using turf from the new turf nursery.

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