Youth Development Award

The Youth Development Award will celebrate clubs/programmes/schools that are engaging and significantly improving the lives of children and young people through either sport, recreation or physical activity.  

Youth Development ()

We’d like to thank everyone who has entered the Youth Development Award this year. We’re delighted to announce that the top three entries have been invited to our awards lunch on 15 March. Bookings will be opening in the coming weeks, so check back here for more information.

The final three are;

Gympanzees CIC

Gympanzees is an award-winning social enterprise and their vision is that every disabled child and young person in the UK has access to play, friendship and exercise.

They are setting up the UK’s first fully inclusive and accessible leisure centre which will cater for the play, exercise and social needs of the 58,000 disabled children within an hour of Bristol, and their families and friends. In August 2018 they set up a 4-week Pop Up Gympanzees leisure centre in a school. The Pop Up had 6 different rooms, using creative and experimental ways to get children and young people, with any ability or disability, active. The Pop Up was a huge success. They needed to raise £60K in 5 months but the support from the community was overwhelming and they raised £85K. They plan to open centres across the UK to fulfil our vision of giving every child and young person with a disability in the UK access to play, exercise and friendship.

Snow Camp Charity

Snow-Camp are the UK's only charity using a unique combination of skiing, snowboarding, education and employment opportunities to support and empower young people.

Talking to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, Snow-Camp learnt that many youngsters were attracted to snowsports but felt unable to take part. They therefore developed programmes to meet young people on their terms, building activities that fit around their interests and circumstances across the country.  

Snow-Camp encourages the young people they work with to become young leaders. When a young person completes their year-long programme, they gain an instructors qualification, and then volunteer for the charity, teaching the next cohort of young people. Not only is this empowering for the young leaders, it's inspirational for the new young people.

Panathlon Challenge

Panathlon Challenge is a disability charity which unlocks sporting opportunities for 17,970 disabled children and young people each year.

They work with over 1,000 schools whose students take part in Panathlon led ‘mini Paralympic’ multi-sport competitions, swimming galas, football, boccia and ten pin bowling competitions. Panathlon events run at local, county, regional and national level and are free of charge to all schools and children.

Last year, Panathlon engaged with over 11,000 disabled children in multi-sport Panathlons (mini-paralympic games), 2,000 in swimming galas, 1600 in Boccia, 1200 in football competitions, 700 in tenpin bowling events and 1400 in other sports for various impairment groups.

Each year we continue to experience exponential growth across all our programmes with competitor numbers increasing by 35% year on year. We currently reach all 32 London boroughs and 37 English counties. Their aim is to reach 20,000 disabled children and to be nationwide by 2020.

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