Finalists for Community Sport and Recreation Awards 2022 revealed

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The Sport and Recreation Alliance is delighted to announce the finalists for the Community Sport and Recreation Awards 2022. 

With eight awards up for grabs, including the new Community Club of the Year, Inspiration of the Year, Volunteer of the Year and Going Green trophies, it will be our biggest awards ceremony on record.

After a virtual celebration last year, we are thrilled that this year’s event will be held in person, as we celebrate the brilliant work of so many organisations crucial to grassroots sport and recreation in this country. 

The Community Sport and Recreation Awards 2022 will be held in Coventry on Thursday 24 March 2022, with our President, HRH The Earl of Wessex on hand to present the award winners with their trophies. 

Tickets for the ceremony are now available and can be purchased here.

Read on for a brief summary of the nominees for each of the awards and learn more about the incredible work they do.

Community Club of the Year

LDM Basketball (Let’s Do More CIC)

Billingham Boxing Academy

Ride Ahead Together – Midland Mencap/Cycling Projects/WMCA

The finalists in this category include a basketball club in Leeds that aims to raise the aspirations of their most deprived communities, an inclusive boxing club offering an array of innovative programmes, and a cycling group raising the profile of adapted cycling, where disabled and non-disabled people cycle together. Read more about each of the finalists.

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Nottingham Croquet Club

British Cycling

Para Dance UK

This year’s nominees include a croquet club breaking down stereotypes in the Midlands, British Cycling, who have launched a landmark new equality and diversity strategy and an inclusive dance organisation getting people moving across the country. Find out more about the nominees here.

Inspiration of the Year Award

Steve Hall – Suffolk Golf Club

Andy Craddock – Birmingham Wheelchair Basketball

Mary Tweed – Nordic Walking East Anglia

The three brilliant individuals nominated for this award are: Steve Hall, who has tirelessly supported schools and NHS workers during the pandemic; Andy Craddock, who found a way to connect with his community during COVID-19 despite many having no opportunity to be active; and Mary Tweed, who during lockdowns raised awareness of her sport and its benefits for vulnerable groups. Read more about their incredible work here.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Award

Swimming Teachers’ Association

ROKT Foundation

Newcastle United Foundation

Meet this year’s finalists in the area of mental health and wellbeing, featuring a swimming organisation helping children recover from the psychological impacts of the past two years, an organisation using climbing to help support adults and children struggling with their mental health, and a football charity helping men who don’t usually engage in traditional health services. Find out more about each of these organisations here.

Resilience in Adversity Award

Street Swords Fencing@Home

Midland Mencap

Derby County Community Trust

Showing a wonderful ability to carry on their vital work in the most difficult circumstances, the three nominees include a programme created by a fencing organisation who adapted brilliantly to the challenges presented by multiple lockdowns, an organisation who found a way to support vulnerable people in the Midlands, and a football-based community trust who carried on supporting local schools even when they were shut. Read more about the work of our finalists here.

Volunteer of the Year

Sajid Hussain – Muslim Sports Foundation

Martin Cassidy – Omagh Futsal Club

Melanie Reilly – Old Emanuel Rugby Club

Three incredible volunteers have been shortlisted for this award, who have all given up their time to make a difference: Sajid Hussain, whose dedication has provided so many opportunities for the Muslim community to enjoy sport; Martin Cassidy, whose tireless work as volunteer chairman of a futsal club has benefited his community immensely; and Melanie Reilly, who took on a huge amount of extra work across the pandemic to support her rugby club at a challenging time. Find out more about each of the nominees here.

Youth Development Award

Nottingham Forest Community Trust

Bloomsbury Football Foundation

Open Doors

An incredible trio impressed the judging panel with their work supporting young people, but who will be crowned this year’s winner? In contention for the award are a football charity combining fun activities with providing food for vulnerable children, a programme that uses schools during the holidays to create safe spaces for children to be active, and a football foundation offering free or affordable football courses to young people living in areas of high child poverty. Read more about their work here.

Going Green Award

Teesdale Gun Club


Birmingham County Football Association

These organisations have made sustainable changes to protect the future of the planet and they include a shooting club that has transformed the way its site is powered, a university sports body who have offset the emissions from all of their sports clubs’ journeys, and a football association paving the way for lower-carbon football. Find out more about these wonderful initiatives here.