Mental Health Award

The Mental Health Award celebrates clubs/programmes which uses the power of sport and recreation to promote wellbeing. They will be ambassadors for mental health by promoting good mental health policies.   

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We’d like to thank everyone who has entered the Mental Health Award this year. We’re delighted to announce that the top three entries have been invited to our awards lunch on 15 March. Bookings will be opening in the coming weeks, so check back here for more information.

The final three are;

Boxing Futures

Boxing Futures is a registered charity based in London which launched in 2015. They have been delivering their non-contact Boxercise Programme(s) to  over 750+ young people. At Boxing Futures, they believe in the goodness of the human spirit and that people change people. They provide support, opportunity, guidance and advice to disadvantaged young people through engagement in boxing, sport and empowering mentoring relationships. The young people they work with come from a range of sources, either directly from the grassroot links they have or from referral partners they are also specifically working with hard to reach young people and include the Princes Trust, Generate Uk and the East London Foundation Trust to name a few.

They have experience to in working with young people who have mental health issues, suffered isolation, loneliness, homelessness, family breakdown, NEET (not in employment, education or training), communication problems, involvement in petty crime, living in deprivation and have been or are involved in anti - social behaviour as a result of boredom, apathy and isolation.

Core Sport

Core Sport is an award-winning charity providing free opportunities for adults with mental health issues among Londoners to engage in physical activity.

The charity offers a wide range of sport-specific sessions and exercise classes, along with a weight management programme and regular health checks, accessible via a GP referral. Their provisions are FREE for City & Hackney residents. All sessions are inclusive and adapted to the respective needs of members through personalised goal-setting and action plans.

Each participant is supported by the Sports Manager and encouraged by a team of highly qualified coaches, instructors and volunteers. Core Sport also gives their members the opportunity to work towards a variety of recognised qualifications.

Hallam Barbell Olympic Weight Lifting and Strength Training Club

Hallam Barbell is an Olympic Weightlifting and Strength Training Club based at Sheffield Hallam University.

Hallam Barbell runs a ‘life course’ programme offering a range of specific strength-based activities to different demographics and audiences in the community. At one end sits our ‘youth strength and fitness club’ which currently supports 6 to 16-year olds and at the other end is the ‘Old Age Strengtheners’ older adult programme. Placed in between are ‘Powerbelle – for women, by women’ and their ‘MindfullySTRONG’ programmes.

MindfullySTRONG is the mental health offer within our life course model and is linked with the Sheffield Mental Health strategy. MindfullySTRONG is partnered with ‘The Centre for Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement’ ( and is part of the Move More Sheffield programme which aims to make Sheffield the UK’s most active City.

MindfullySTRONG is in alignment with national and local mental health strategies and includes good mental health policies into the programme. This includes the Sheffield City Mental Health guide and the Sheffield Mental Health Strategy as well as the 5 year Forward NHS stray from 2017 and the Living Well for Longer NHS strategy 2014.

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