• Latest Government Guidance

    On Sunday 10 May, the Prime Minister announced that lockdown restrictions would be eased in England in relation to physical activity and that some outdoor activity areas would be allowed to re-open from Wednesday 13 May.

    Published 11 May 2020, Covid-19
  • Business Rates Relief and Cash Grants

    This document will tell you what funding is available through Business Rate Relief and other financial grants announced by the government.

    Published 07 April 2020, Covid-19
  • Financial Support

    In this section we highlight the loans available to support your organisation at this time, including those made available through the Bank of England.

    Published 07 April 2020, Covid-19
  • Support for Employees and Self-Employed Workers

    This is a challenging time for the sector and the amazing workforce that support it. This document will provide information on how to support and retain staff, and additional information for self-employed workers.

    Published 07 April 2020, Covid-19
  • Support for Charities

    There are a huge number of sport and recreation charities doing amazing work across the country. The government has announced new financial support and we explain what funding is available.

    Published 07 April 2020, Covid-19
  • Business Continuity Support

    It isn't just the people effected by the pandemic, it is also the facilities that help sport and recreation organisations to run. Read here for guidance on business support.

    Published 07 April 2020, Covid-19
  • How strong governance can help you fight the virus

    There is no escaping the impact of the coronavirus. Cancellations, suspensions and disruption is now taking place across the whole sector.

    Published 07 April 2020, Covid-19
  • Guidance and Activity Ideas from our Members

    We’ve been inspired by the work of our members, so we’ve put together a list of guidance and resources from across the sector to help people stay active, healthy and happy during the COVID-19 lockdown.

    Published 07 April 2020, Covid-19
  • Alliance Partner Support

    The Sport and Recreation Alliance has a number of dedicated partners providing business support to the sector at this time. Find out more here.

    Published 07 April 2020, Covid-19
  • Sports Minister thanks the sector for work during COVID-19

    A very special video from the Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston.

    Published 07 April 2020, Covid-19