Case Studies

Board evaluation and board skills matrix - Swim England
Swim England ()
A case study outlining how Swim England, currently an unincorporated association going through a period of change towards incorporation, introduced a board evaluation process and board skills matrix. 
New governing document and board restructuring - England Touch Association
England Touch ()
Following a period of rapid growth in Touch Rugby the national governing body concluded that the governance structures for the sport were no longer fit for purpose. This case study outlines how the organisation implemented a new board structure with clearer decision making functions and lines of accountability alongside a reformed board recruitment process.
Board restructuring and recruitment - British Wrestling Association
British Wrestling ()
Following a period of change at board level, this case study outlines how British Wrestling addressed the structure of the board through an improved director recruitment process and the appointment of an independent chair.
Recruitment and appointing independent directors - British Orienteering
British Orienteering ()
This case study charts how British Orienteering introduced independent directors to the board in 2014, a move which has delivered a significant positive impact to the overall effectiveness of the board.
Board and Council roles and responsibilities - England Athletics
England Athletics ()
Prior to 2012, the board of England Athletics constituted solely of individuals with a background in athletics. This structure created significant challenges and ultimately led to a complete review of the board and the implement of a new recruitment structure. 
Board leadership and decision making - Skateboard England
Skateboard England ()
An interview with James Hope-Gill, CEO of Skateboard England looking at the challenges of establishing an NGB from scratch.