Introducing GIVERS


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 For the first time, groundbreaking behavioural science research, has given us new evidence and insight into what drives people to volunteer, and what keeps them from doing so.

We’ve distilled these insights into a simple framework to help grassroots clubs and organisations recruit, retain and realise the potential of volunteers.

We call this GIVERS. It stands for:

Growth. Volunteering has a huge impact on wellbeing, health and life satisfaction.

Impact. Seeing the difference volunteers are making to the lives of others gives a sense of purpose and value.

Voice. Volunteers respond to authentic voices and real pictures of real people which showcase the benefits they’re looking for.

Ease and Experience. It’s not enough for volunteers to know they’re doing good. They want the experience to feel good too. And the easier it is to get involved, the better.

Recognition. They want to be well-regarded and rewarded for their contribution. Even it’s just by a simple ‘thank you’.

Social. Human interaction is a hugely important incentive. Particularly when those humans are friends.




Those are the principles. Now it’s time to put them into practice… download our GIVERS handout to get a summary of the findings and to find more details on how you can apply this framework at your club or organisation.

Any questions? Send us a message.