Time for government to deliver on promises to solve social crisis

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The Sport and Recreation Alliance has released its General Election Manifesto which calls on political parties to put sport and recreation at the heart of the policy agenda.

With a nation divided, pressures on our health care system at an unprecedented level and the country facing a childhood inactivity epidemic, the Manifesto states that the next government must put getting the nation more active at the centre of its decision-making.

Sport and Recreation Alliance CEO, Lisa Wainwright said: “Sport and recreation has the ability to change lives and must be viewed as a serious option to improve the health and happiness of the nation.

“This is a message we have promoted many times before, now it is time for government to stand up and finally deliver on promises to harness the power of sport for the good of our whole society.

“We were pleased to read that Boris Johnson had pledged: ‘Improving children’s well-being, and that of the whole population, will be at the heart of my programme as Prime Minister.’

“It is time this pledge is seriously delivered, by any future incumbent of number 10.

“The Minister for Sports and Civil Society has insisted that: ‘It’s vital for everyone to experience the benefits of sport and physical activity’. Nigel Adams added there would be a cross-governmental approach to support the NHS, Department for Education and Department of Transport, among others.

“Government is aware of the power of this sector. However, we can only unlock its true potential if government provides committed funding to progress the excellent work it already does.

“We need a strong government, which not only acknowledges the societal benefits of sport and recreation but is brave enough to finance and promote it.

“The creation of a new government marks the chance to create a better future. A future where sport and recreation is given the role of community-builder, health-improver and life-changer.”

Sport and recreation is a ready-made solution to many of the issues effecting the nation today. It has been proved to improve mental and physical wellbeing, it brings people together and it helps to develop essential life skills.

Therefore, we are calling on the next government to:

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 The Sport and Recreation Alliance wants all of our members to promote these asks, challenge their local election candidates and to share with us the amazing work they already do in creating a stronger society and a happier and healthier nation.

You can also get in touch and tell us how the issues above effect your organisation. You can do this by using #ActiveNation on social media or by contacting us at press@sportandrecration.org.uk

To read the full Sport and Recreation Alliance Election Manifesto, head here.