UK sports bodies to reinvest £142M from broadcast revenues into sport under Voluntary Code

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Six of the country’s biggest sports bodies reinvested £142m from broadcast revenues into the long-term development of sport in the last year. 

The commitment forms part of the Voluntary Code of Conduct on the Broadcasting of Major Sporting Events which requires signatories to put a minimum of 30% of net broadcasting revenues back into their respective sports and to make their events available to free-to-air broadcasters in live, recorded or highlights form so that they can be viewed by the vast majority of the population. 

This year also sees the appointment of media and communications expert Jon Zeff as the new independent chair of the Sports Broadcast Monitoring Committee, the body which oversees compliance with the Code.  

Commenting on this year’s review of Code compliance, new chair Jon Zeff said: I am delighted to be taking over as chair of this important committee. As this year’s compliance assessment demonstratesthe Code plays a vital role in ensuring that revenues generated at the top end of sport are reinvested back into the long-term development of the grassroots to create opportunities for all. 

“In addition, the Code provides assurance that, wherever possible, the best sporting events are available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay for a subscription service. 

£142 million represents a significant contribution to the development of the respective sports and reinforces the importance of the Code as a collective commitment by governing bodies and event organisers.”