Physical Activity Alliance Announced by Public Health Minister

Dawn Primarolo MP, Minister of State for Public Health, has announced the support of the Department of Health for the new Physical Activity Alliance.

The Physical Activity Alliance is a sector led organisation comprised of leading physical activity promoting organisations including CCPR.

The Alliance will be responsible for promoting physical activities that are fun, sociable and accessible to people of all abilities.

It will seek to improve the use of evidence that shows the benefits of physical activity to ensure that suitable levels of investment are made.

The Alliance will also provide considerable political strength to the promotion of physical activity to Government at a variety of levels.

Finally, the Alliance will act as a partner to the Department of Health on initiatives of national significance.

William Bird, Chair of the Interim Steering Group of the Alliance said, "The Alliance has been working with the Department of Health since April 2008 to receive this support."

"It is now focused on developing into an organisation that adds clear value to partners in government, the sector and the local and regional delivery networks. It will spread best practice and work to remove the frustrations and limitations that prevent more from being achieved. The Chief Medical Officer proved in 2004 that physical activity is a vital tool of primary care. This body will help transform this evidence into concerted and sustained action."

Tim Lamb, chief executive of CCPR, the umbrella body for sport and recreation’s governing and representative bodies, said his organisation’s members can make a significant contribution to the heath of the nation.

"The scope of physical activity which sport and recreation organisations can offer is broader than ever. There really is something for everyone. The Alliance will now work to ensure that as many people as possible get an opportunity to improve their health through physical activity. This is an initiative which could save the health service billions in the long-term."

The Alliance is currently being led by an Interim Steering Group that will take the Alliance through to the completion of an initial project when a permanent governance structure will be put in place.

The Steering Group will launch a public consultation from February 2009 which will establish the business plan of the Alliance, its organisational role and its governance structure.

The consultation will consist of a number of stakeholder interviews and a series of workshop events designed to capture the views of the sector as well as a full public consultation to capture written feedback and suggestions.


The Alliance consists of these organisations.

The Interim Steering Group of the National Alliance currently consists of these organisations.

Sport England and the Department of Health curently act as observers at Interim Steering Group Meetings.