Alliance responds to new Sport England report on the impact of cost-of-living

Alliance responds to cost-of-living report ()

Today, Sport England – working alongside System Partners and Sheffield Hallam University – published its latest report reviewing the effects of the cost of living on sport and physical activity.

The data highlights that while the amount of people who are active is close to returning to pre-pandemic levels, demonstrating a level of resilience across the sector, the rising cost of living is continuing to have an adverse effect on people’s ability and willingness to engage in sport and recreation, and – in particular – is exacerbating inequalities in activity levels.

The Alliance’s Head of Research, Ricky Boardman, who contributed to the report, says:

"The Sport and Recreation Alliance was pleased to play a leading role in developing this report alongside Sport England and other Sector Partners.

"In adopting a collaborative, cross-sector approach to the creation of the report, we were able to benefit from a diverse range of data and insight on the effects of the cost-of-living on the sector. This more collaborative method is something we will look to continue when assessing the impact of major societal issues on sport and recreation.

"The findings of the report bring into focus the challenges the costs of living have presented - and continue to present - across the sector, including issues around inequalities in participation, as well as on clubs and facilities, and the volunteers and professionals working within sport and recreation.

"The Alliance will continue to monitor the impact of the cost of living on our members and the sector more broadly, to help ensure vital sport and recreation can continue to be delivered to the nation.”