The Staff

Emma Boggis

Emma is our Chief Executive. She is responsible for strategic guidance and also ensuring that we are working towards our vision of being at the heart of a world-leading sport and recreation sector. Emma is a member of the Board of Directors, Ex Officio position.  

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T 020 7976 3900

James Allen

James is the Director of Policy, Governance and External Affairs and leads the Alliance’s public policy, public affairs, research and governance work. James was previously Head of Policy at the Alliance. 

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T 020 7976 3923

Adrian Stockman

Adrian is our Director of Corporate Services and Business Development. He is responsible for helping us grow our network of corporate partners and making each partnership a success for partners and the Alliance alike. He also ensures that our finances, staff recruitment and development and support functions such as IT, all support our long term aims.

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T 020 7976 3938

Chantel Scherer

Chantel is our Director of Marketing, Communications and Member Engagement. She is responsible for making sure we are acting on behalf of our members on issues that are important to them and that members are aware of all their benefits. She also works to raise awareness of the Alliance’s members and the wider sport and recreation sector.

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T 020 7976 3930

Aquila Burgess

Aquila is the Projects Support Officer. He is responsible for supporting staff members with the various Alliance projects.

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T: 020 7976 3902

Derrie Shurville

Derrie is the Marketing Communications Officer at the Sport and Recreation Alliance. Her role is to promote the organisation, the activities of its members and the benefits of membership through our website and social channels.

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T: 020 7976 3927

Hannah Dobbin

Hannah is our Policy Adviser and leads on areas including outdoor recreation, grassroots sport and recreation, and school sport.

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020 7976 3946

Robert Gill

Robert is our Policy Support Officer. He provides support on a range of different policy and research areas that the Alliance works on and contributes to, as well as helping to develop a credible evidence base to demonstrate the likely impact of Government policy on sport and recreation. 

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T 020 7976 3922

Kate Lawrenson

Kate is PA to the Chief Executive and also Company Secretary.

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T 020 7976 3941

Eleanor Newton

Eleanor joined the Alliance in August 2016 as the Office Administrator. Her responsibilities include helping all members of the team deliver their roles and functions, ensuring internal systems are operating smoothly and providing support on various projects. 

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T 020 796 3932

Vijaya Panangipalli

Vijaya joined the Sport and Recreation Alliance as Governance Manager in December 2014. One of her main responsibilities is to lead our work on governance and help to establish the Alliance as the lead organisation for, and supplier of, governance support in the sector.

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T:020 7976 3947

Tom Morgan

Tom is our Membership Development Officer and can help you with all things member related. His responsibilities include helping members with their renewals, he assists with representing their views and provides them with services which will make their organisation fit for the future.

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T 020 7976 3928

Rob Arnott

Rob is our Communications and Engagement Manager and leads a small focused team in setting and delivering marketing, social media, press & pr and member engagement plans to support the delivery of our communications strategy.

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T 020 7976 3935

Thea Rogerson

Thea is Press Officer at the Sport and Recreation Alliance and plays a key role in giving a voice to the work of the Alliance. She is responsible for ensuring the Alliance’s communications are informative and influential whilst speaking to a wide range audiences.

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T 020 7976 3933

Emma Winchester

Emma is our Volunteering Project Manager who looks after our Join In Project. Join In is the national brand for local sports volunteering and Emma works with a consortium of partners to develop and deliver a comprehensive volunteering project that supports the recruitment, retention and rewarding of volunteers.  

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Alexandra Wilkinson

Alex is our Office and HR Manager and ensures the smooth operation of the work of the whole of the Sport and Recreation Alliance to ensure the offices are run as efficiently as possible underpinning and supporting the work of the Director of Business Development and Corporate Services.  

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T 0207 976 3920

Rob Tate

Rob joined the Governance team at the Sport and Recreation Alliance in January 2015, taking on responsibility for assisting in all areas of governance work carried out by the Alliance. This includes sector wide projects like the Voluntary Code of Good Governance and the Finance and Governance Forum, as well as consulting on and assisting with enquiries from Alliance members.

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T: 020 7976 3911

Leigh Thompson

Leigh is our Policy Manager and leads work on areas including sports betting integrity, broadcasting, tax and fiscal policy and European policy.

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T: 020 7976 3931

Helen Underwood

Helen is the Events Officer at the Alliance. She is responsible for planning, coordinating and managing the Alliance's membership events and liaising with event partners.

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T: 020 7976 3924

Charlotte Adams

Charlotte is our Parliamentary and Policy Officer and leads the Alliance’s parliamentary engagement work to protect and promote the Alliance’s and our members’ interests in Parliament. 

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T 0207 976 3904