Research and Development Team


Richard Boardman - Head of Research and Development ()

Richard manages the Alliance’s research and development function to identify new projects, services and funding streams to best support the achievement of the Alliance's objectives and funding targets and to provide enhanced services to the wider sport and recreation sector.

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Toby Flannigan - Research and Development Manager ()

Toby plays a leading role in planning and delivering projects for the R&D team, as well as developing new research and insight-based solutions across policy, internal, and consultancy-based projects.

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Karis Longden - Research and Data Officer ()

Karis helps assists with ongoing research and data projects across the Alliance, helping combat inactivity and showcase the health benefits of sport.

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Duarte Alcada - Project Development and Delivery Officer ()

Duarte engages with members and partners to identify and develop credible projects, as well as supporting and leading the delivery of projects for the Research and Development Team.

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