Membership and Representative Bodies

Our Membership and Representative Body members make up around a third of our membership. 


We know that last year they enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Gaining exposure of work achieved through promotion via our social media channels. 
  • Attending events and networking opportunities facilitated and supported by the Alliance. 
  • Lobbying support when speaking with the government, policy makers and the media. 
  • Conducting research done in partnership with our Research and Development team.



Amateur Martial Association

The Amateur Martial Association is the largest multi-style martial arts organisation in the UK and is the governing body for thousands of UK clubs.

Amateur Martial Association ()

Angling Trades Association

The Angling Trades Association is the voice of the British angling industry and aims to unite the angling industry and promote and protect the sport.

Angling Trades Association ()

AoC Sport

AoC Sport is the membership organisation for colleges, leading the development of sport and physical activity in 16+ education.

AOC ()


The Association of Professional Scuba Training Organisations (APSTO) represents the interests of professional diver training organisations with a base in the UK, whose primary business is the provision of diver training on a for-profit basis. 


Association for Physical Education

The Association for Physical Education (afPE) is the only representative PE Subject Association in the UK.

Association for Physical Education ()

Association of British Climbing Walls

The Association of British Climbing Walls works closely with sector partners to support and develop one of the fastest growing sports in the UK; Wall Climbing.

association of british climbing walls ()

NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes) 

NICAS is a small educational charity that delivers structured progressive schemes that provide a gateway from indoor climbing into a pathway of life-long participation in climbing and mountaineering.


Association of British Riding Schools

The ABRS is a national body representing hundreds of the best riding schools in the country.

The Association of British Riding Schools ()

Association of Dance and Freestyle Professionals

The Association of Dance & Freestyle Professionals (ADFP) was established in 1981. Its primary aim is to promote and advance the teaching of Freestyle Dancing.

dance and freestyle ()

Bowls Development Alliance

The Bowls Development Alliance acts as the umbrella organisation for the sport of bowls, working to develop the sport effectively and efficiently.

Bowls Development Alliance ()

British Association for Shooting and Conservation

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation is a registered society  whose mission is to promote and protect sporting shooting and the well-being of the countryside throughout the United Kingdom and overseas.

British Association for Shooting and Conservation ()

British Association of Snowsport Instructors

The British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) is a UK based membership association responsible for the training and licensing of snowsport instructors and coaches.


British Association of Teachers of Dancing

The British Association of Teachers of Dancing is a registered friendly society and is represented on the British Dance Council, the Sport and Recreation Alliance and The Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing.

British Association of Teachers of Dancing ()

British Athletes Commission

The British Athletes Commission, set up in 2004, represents the interests of athletes in Great Britain to decision makers in sport, and helps athletes in member sports set up and maintain athlete representative structures within their sport.

British Athletes Commission  ()

British Carriagedriving

British Carriagedriving is the governing body for horse driving trials in Great Britain.

British carriagedriving ()

British Dance Council

The BDC is the recognised governing body for ballroom, Latin American and sequence & freestyle disco dance in the United Kingdom.

British dance council ()

British Disc Golf Association

The BDGA exists to look after the interests of disc golfers in Britain and to promote the growth of the sport.

British Disc Golf Association ()

British Dodgeball

British Dodgeball is recognised as the national governing body for dodgeball in Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK) by the World Dodgeball Federation.

Dodgeball ()

British Dressage

British Dressage oversees all affiliated dressage competitions and training in the United Kingdom.

british dressage ()

British Equestrian Vaulting

British Equestrian Vaulting is the British Equestrian Federation affiliated body that oversee gymnastics on horseback.

British Equestrian Vaulting ()

British Esports Federation

The British Esports Federation is a national body for esports in the United Kingdom.

British esports ()

British Eventing

British Eventing is the governing body for the equestrian sport of eventing, which combines a single rider and horse pairing competing in dressage, showjumping and cross country.

British Eventing ()

British Foosball Association

The BFA is the UK association responsible for growing the game of table football in the UK.

british foosball association ()

British Grooms Association

The British Grooms Association is the professional membership body for everyone who works with horses in the UK.

British grooms association ()

British Horse Society

The British Horse Society is a membership-based equine charity. Its vision is to provide a strong voice for horses and people and which spreads awareness through support, training and education.

british horse society ()

British Inline Puck Hockey Association

The British Inline Puck Hockey Association (BIPHA) is one of two bodies that govern inline puck hockey.

british inline puck ()

British Kite Flying Association

The British Kite Flying Association is the representative body unifying all aspects of British kite flying for the whole of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

british kite flying ()

British Kung Fu Association

The British Kung Fu Association is the UK body overseeing the development of Lau Gar Kung Fu.

british kung fu ()

British Martial Arts and Boxing Association

The British Martial Arts and Boxing Association works to improve participation in grass roots martial arts and improve the lives of communities across the UK through martial arts and boxing.

british martial arts and boxing ()

British Masters Athletic Federation

The BMAF is a Federation of geographically located clubs covering England (as well as the other home nations) representing active athletes.

British Masters Athletic federation ()

British Motorcyclists' Federation

The British Motorcyclists' Federation is a motorcycle riders' rights group in the United Kingdom.

British motorcyclists fed ()

British Nordic Walking

British Nordic Walking teaches the globally recognised Nordic Walking technique developed by the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA) to UK individuals.

British nordic walking fed ()

British Para Ice Hockey Association

The British Para Ice Hockey Association (BPIHA) is the sport's national governing body (NGB) within Great Britain. It manages the sport, runs the National League as well as the GB National Programme. 

British Para Ice Hockey Association ()

British Para Table Tennis

British Para Table Tennis is the governing body for para table tennis, the third largest Paralympic sport, in Great Britain.

British para table tennis ()

British Reining

British Reining is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of the reining horse. It serves as the standard governing body for the sport of Reining in the UK.

Reining ()

British Showjumping

British Showjumping is the Great Britain governing body for the equestrian sport of showjumping.

British Showjumping ()

British Student Taekwondo Federation

The British Student Taekwondo Federation is a national student sport federation and registered charity overseeing student Taekwondo in Britain.

British Student Taekwondo Federation ()

British Universities and Colleges Sport

British Universities & Colleges Sport is the governing body for university sport in the United Kingdom.


Camping and Caravanning Club

The Camping and Caravanning Club is a United Kingdom not-for-profit organisation involved with all aspects of camping based in the United Kingdom.

camping and caravanning ()

Canoe-Camping Club

The Canoe-Camping Club is a national club for touring canoeists (and kayakers) and for those who like to combine canoeing/kayaking and camping.

canoe camping ()

Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation

The Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation (CS&PF) is the largest and most comprehensive governing body for English Channel swimming.

channel swim ()

Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA)

CIMSPA is the professional development body for the UK’s sport and physical activity sector, committed to supporting, developing and enabling professionals and organisations to succeed and, as a result, inspire our nation to become more active.


Chief Cultural and Leisure Officers Association

The Chief Cultural & Leisure Officers Association (CLOA) is the professional association for strategic leaders managing public sector Culture, Arts, Heritage, Tourism, Libraries, Parks, Sport and Leisure services.

cloa ()

Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC Sports and Leisure)

CSSC Sports and Leisure is a not-for-profit membership organisation representing civil servants and public sector workers.

cssc ()

Commonwealth Games England

Commonwealth Games England is a sports governing body that leads and manages the participation of the England team at the Commonwealth Games.

commonwealth ()

Confederation of Long Distance Racing Pigeon Unions of GB and Ireland 

pig ()

Countryside Alliance

The Countryside Alliance is a campaigning organisation for fieldsports including hunting, shooting, fishing and rural communities.

countryside ()

Dalcroze Society

The Dalcroze Society is the overseeing governing body for dalcroze, a form of dance, in the UK.

dalcroze ()

Endurance GB

Endurance GB is the governing body for the sport of endurance riding in the UK.

endurance  ()

English Kabaddi Federation

The England Kabaddi Federation UK is the governing body for kabaddi in the United Kingdom.

england kabaddi ()

England Touch

The England Touch Association is the governing body for touch football within England.

england touch ()

English Amateur Billiards Association

The EABA is the body overseeing the development of amateur billiards in Britain.

English Amateur Billiards Association ()

English Bridge Union

The English Bridge Union Limited (EBU) is a membership-funded organisation committed to promoting the game of duplicate bridge.

english bridge union ()

English Chess Federation

The English Chess Federation is the governing chess organisation in England.

English Chess Federation ()

English Institute of Sport

The English Institute of Sport, established in May 2002, is an organisation which provides sport science and medical support services to elite athletes.

english institute ()

English Karate Federation

The WKF appointed national governing body for English Karate Associations practicing karate in England.

english karate fed ()

English Schools' Football Association

The English Schools' Football Association was founded in 1904 and is the governing body of schools' football in England.

English Schools' Football Association ()

Federation of Artistic Roller Skating

The Federation of Artistic Roller Skating exists to encourage people of all ages to roller skate, enjoy the sport, and eventually compete in Artistic Roller Skating events.

Federation of Artistic Roller Skating ()

Federation of Sports and Play Associations

The Federation of Sports and Play Associations serves over 500 manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of sports and play equipment, clothing and apparel.

fed of sports and play ()


FLexercise exists to promote health, physical fitness, education and training through the teaching of the Bagot Stack/FLexercise.

flexercise ()

Great Britain Disability Football Association

The governing body in the UK for disability football, working under the umbrella organisation of the FA. 

Great Britain Disability Football Association

The FA ()

Great Britain Diving Federation

The Great Britain Diving Federation is an independent, voluntary organisation, dedicated to the promotion of the sport of springboard and highboard diving.

GB diving ()

Great Britain Outrigger 

Great Britian Outrigger (GBOCA) is the UK's national outrigger governing body.

gb outrigger canoe ()

Great Britain Savate Federation

The Great Britain Savate Federation (GBSF) exists to promote the sport of Savate – French boxing – in Great Britain.

Great Britain Savate Foundation ()

Greyhound Board of Great Britain

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain is the organisation that governs licensed greyhound racing in Great Britain.

greyhound ()

Grounds Management Association Limited

The Grounds Management Association is the leading organisation that represents professional and volunteer groundsmen and women.

Grounds Management Association ()

Guild of Professional Teachers of Dancing

The Guild is a Dance Teacher's Association, registered as an independent trade union and recognised by the government as representing teachers of dance and movement to music and dramatic arts.

guild of pro dancers ()


All member bodies of horsescotland, with the backing of their fellow members, deal with issues vital to the progress of the Scottish equestrian world.

Horse scotland ()

Ice Rink Managers Association

The Ice Rink Managers Association is the national body of ice rink managers and offers memberships to ice rinks around the UK.

The Ice Rink Managers Association ()

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing is one of the world's leading dance examination boards with the widest range of dance genres available.

imperial ()

Inclusive Skating

Inclusive Skating helps all skaters "Live the Dream" and learn to skate with their families and carers in a supportive environment.

inclusive ()

Institute for Outdoor Learning

The Institute for Outdoor Learning is the professional body for organisations and individuals who use the outdoors to make a difference for others.

instit outdoor ()

Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors

The Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors was founded in 1987 to provide a formal organisation for qualified Shooting Instructors and Coaches.

clay ()

International Dance Teachers Association

The International Dance Teachers Association is a dance teaching and examination board based in Brighton, England. Operating internationally, the IDTA currently has over 7,000 members in 55 countries.

idta ()

Jewish Lads' and Girls' Brigade

The Jewish Lads' and Girls' Brigade is a national Jewish youth organisation based in and primarily serving the United Kingdom.

jewish  ()

Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) 

The Karate Union of Great Britain, or KUGB, is an association of Shotokan Karate clubs and Karateka operating across Great Britain, with some oversea affiliations.

kugb ()

Laban Guild International

The Laban Guild for Movement and Dance promotes publications, courses, conferences and other events to provide high quality experiences relevant to members in the dance and movement world of today. 

Laban Guild International ()

Language of Dance Centre

The Language of Dance Centre's mission is to make creative movement and dance experiences available to people of all ages, genders, cultural background and abilities, through the use of the inclusive language of dance teaching method.

lanf dance ()


LARA offers unique training in representing sustained poses of no less than one week, and up to one month, giving students optimum time to observe and understand the figure.


League Managers Association

The League Managers Association is the trade union for Premier League, EFL and national team managers in English association football.

league ()

London Fire Brigade Welfare Fund

The welfare fund for the largest fire fighting organisation in the UK.

fire ()

Mountain Training England

Mountain Training England is the awarding body for qualifications in walking and climbing.

Mountain Training UK ()

National Association of Karate and Martial Art Schools

NAKMAS is Britain's only independent national governing body for both traditional and modern martial arts and has a membership of 65,000 members.

nakmas ()

National Association of Teachers of Dancing

The NATD aims to promote the enjoyment and knowledge of a variety of dance genres through our teachers' passion and commitment to the art form.

national association teachers dancing ()

National Council for Metal Detecting

The National Council for Metal Detecting is a representative body of elected volunteers formed in 1981 to provide a means whereby responsible metal detector users would have a democratic forum.

metal ()

National Council for School Sport

The National Council for School Sport is the forum body for competitive school sport.

national council ()

National School Sailing Association

The NSSA is a UK membership organisation for anyone involved with youth sailing.

sailing ()

Northern Counties Dance Teachers' Association

The Northern Counties Dance Teachers’ Association is a non-profit making organisation for the support of dance in all its different forms and has a large membership with individuals from all over the country.

dance ()

Outdoor Industry Association

The OIA preserves and promotes the standards of the outdoor industry.

outdoor ()

Para Dance UK

Para Dance UK is the national governing body for para dance sport in the UK as well as being the UK's leading specialists in inclusive dance.

para dance ()

Pilates Teachers Association

The Pilates Teachers Association is a professional body representing pilates teachers and those who represent the teaching of the pilates method.

The Association of British Riding Schools ()

Playing Fields Network

The Playing Fields Network help to protect, improve and promote active use of parks, playgrounds and playing fields across the UK.

Playing Fields Network

playing firleds ()

Police Sport UK

Police Sport UK is representative of all the Police Forces of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and provides sporting opportunities for over 300,000 serving and retired police staff.

police ()

Pride Sports

Pride Sports' aims are to challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in sport to improve access to sport for LGBT+ people.

Pride Sports ()

Professional Cricketers' Association

The Professional Cricketers' Association is the representative body of past and present first-class cricketers in England and Wales, founded in 1967 by former England fast bowler Fred Rumsey.

professional cricketers association ()

Professional Footballers' Association

The Professional Footballers' Association is the trade union for professional association footballers in England and Wales. The world's oldest professional sport trade union, it has 4,000 members.

pfa ()

Professional Golfers' Association

The Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) is the professional body which represents the interests of teaching and club golf professionals in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

pga ()

Professional Players Federation

The Professional Players Federation, formerly the Institute of Professional Sport, was established in 1991 and is the national organisation for the professional player associations in the United Kingdom.

Professional Players Federation ()

Racecourse Association 

The Racecourse Association was formed in 1907. It serves the interests of 59 member racecourses to empower them to be the best venues they can be.

The Racecourse Association ()

Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance is a UK-based examination board specialising in dance education and training, with an emphasis on classical ballet.

Royal Academy of Dance ()

Special Olympics GB

Special Olympics GB uses sport to empower children & adults with an intellectual disability to enhance their health and wellbeing.

special ol ()

SLQ Sports Leaders

SLQ Sports Leaders' vision is for 'Every Young Person To Realise Their Potential'. Their qualifications, awards and services lead youth skill development and are valued by education, government, employers and young people.

Sports Leaders Updated Logo ()

Sports Officials UK

Sports Officials UK (SOUK) is recognised as the organisation responsible for representing and supporting officials across all sports in the UK.

Sports Officials UK ()

Swimming Teachers' Association

The Swimming Teachers’ Association is an international award-winning charity working towards the objective of preserving human life by the teaching of swimming, lifesaving and survival techniques.

Swimming Teachers Association ()

Tchoukball UK

Tchoukball UK was founded in 1971 as the British Tchoukball Association and was a founding member of tchoukball's global governing body, the International Tchoukball Federation (FITB).

Tchoukball UK  ()

TDI (The Derwent Initiative)

TDI is a national charity working to improve public protection by finding practical and creative solutions to the problem of sexual offending.

TDI ()

The Naval Service Sports Board

The Naval Service Sports Board works underneath the Army Services Control Board to develop sport for UK Navy officers.

Naval Service Sports Board ()

Theatre Dance Council International

TDCI is a forum or parliament of delegates regularly meeting to discuss matters concerning the teachers of the theatre dance disciplines.

Theatre Dance Council International ()

The R&A

The R&A seeks to engage in and support activities for the benefit of the sport of golf from The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

R&A ()

Trail Riders Fellowship

The TRF exists to conserve green roads in England and Wales. This is a multi faceted approach and one that the TRF's 5,000 members are passionate about.

Trail Riders Fellowship ()

UK Armed Forces Sports Board

The UK Armed Forces Sports Board works underneath the Army Services Control Board to develop sport for UK Armed Forces officers.

UK Armed Forces Sports Board ()

UK Coaching

UK Coaching collaborate with organisations and pool their resources to make lasting improvements to coaching in the UK

uk coaching  ()

UKA Dance

UKA Dance, formally known as the United Kingdom Alliance, is a dance teaching and examination board based in Blackpool, England, and operates internationally.

uka dance ()

Ulster Boxing Council

The Ulster Boxing Council is the governing body for boxing in the province of Ulster. 

Ulster Boxing Council ()

United Kingdom Cheerleading Association

The UK Cheerleading Association, (UKCA), is the UK's national organisation for the sport of cheerleading.

uk cheer ()

United Kingdom Kyudo Association

UKKA was established in 1975 and is a founder member of the European Kyudo Federation (EKF) and the International Kyudo Federation (IKYF).

United Kingdom Kyudo Association ()

United Teachers of Dancing

The UTD is a UK based examination board that was founded in 1976 by 21 founding members. The association is well established as an awarding body with its members teaching throughout the UK and internationally.

United Teachers of Dance  ()

Women in Sport

The charity Women in Sport was founded in 1984, with the goal of giving every woman and girl in the UK the opportunity to experience the transformational rewards of sport.


Women in Sport ()

World Association Kickboxing & All-Styles Martial Arts (WAKO GB)

WAKO is the largest unified Kickboxing organisation in the World. Today WAKO counts on 128 affiliated nations in the 5 continents, which are officially recognized by either National Olympic Committee or relevant national government sports authority.

wako ()

World Netball

World Netball is the worldwide governing body for Netball. The organisation was created in 1960 and is responsible for world rankings, maintaining the rules for netball and organising the Netball World Cup.

World Netball ()

World Professional Billiards & Snooker Association

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, founded in 1968 and based in Bristol, the United Kingdom, is the governing body of men's professional snooker and English billiards.

World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association. ()

YHA (England & Wales) 

YHA (England & Wales) is a charitable organisation, registered with the Charity Commission, providing youth hostel accommodation in England and Wales.

yha ()

Youth Sport Trust

The Youth Sport Trust harness the power of sport, physical activity and PE to increase young people’s life chances through improved wellbeing, healthier lifestyles and greater attainment.

Youth Sport Trust ()