Inclusion Information

Curated with the purpose of inviting difference into your world and offering you the insights to make evidence-based decisions is just the beginning.

The Inclusion Club Hub

This toolkit created by Activity Alliance is full of ideas, methods and resources to ensure everyone has a positive inclusive club experience. The Inclusion Club Hub has case studies and better practice examples, so you can learn from others and adapt it to suit.

Inclusion 2024 inclusive education hub

Activity Alliance created this free online hub in partnership. Here you will find lots of support for teachers or school staff to review and improve inclusive physical education and school sport delivery. It is all made possible through the Department of Education funded, Inclusion 2024 project.

Get Out Get Active Volunteer Management Toolkit

Everyone should have the ability to access volunteering opportunities. Created in partnership with Volunteering Matters, the Get Out Get Active Volunteer Management Toolkit provides organisations with a step-by-step guide to building an inclusive volunteer programme.