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 Olympic race-walker Tom Bosworth on LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport

To mark Pride Month 2023, the Alliance spoke with Olympic race walker and British record holder Tom Bosworth, one of very few openly gay athletes in the United Kingdom to have competed at the highest level of their sport.

TEDx - Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

The issue of inclusion and diversity is on the minds of leaders everywhere. As we work toward understanding how to create and maintain truly inclusive cultures, comprised of diverse groups of people, the focus has been on what we can do for others.

A Blueprint for Diversity in the Workplace.

A collection of videos on the basics on how to nurture and manage groups of people from different backgrounds and perspectives. Source: Ted

Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions and offers 3 powerful pieces of advice to women aiming for the C-suite. Source: TEDWomen.

Talks by Women Leaders

Short talks by global women leaders who are leading fiercely and fearlessly. Source TED

The Link Between Menopause and Gender Inequity at Work.

Hot flashes, joint pain, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping -- these unforgiving menopause symptoms directly impact work but often go overlooked and underdiscussed. Andrea Berchowitz gives practical advice on how to create a menopause-friendly work culture. Source: TED.

Educate Schools on Delivering Inclusive Opportunities | Activity Alliance

A video to improve the delivery of inclusive sports opportunities through the School Games. This video highlights how schools can work together with expert partners to ensure their School Games offer is inclusive for all pupils.

Trans Inclusion and Gender Diversity in Play and Sport | Youth Sport Trust

Join us and Simon Scarborough, Head of PE, Crispin School Academy to gain insight on how to ensure ALL young people can have an inspirational, accessible and meaningful experience through physical education and sport.

PE and Inclusion | Youth Sport Trust

How to ensure you embed inclusive practice in PE. Summarising the range of inclusive teaching resources available and how you can adapt these to support in lockdown and beyond.

Mental Health Support for the Sport and Physical Activity Sector Webinar | Mind

First webinar in Mind's new series looking at the variety of resources, training and services available to the sector.

Amplifying Hidden Women’s Voices

An hour long conversation covering the topics on how are Hijabi women speaking up to resist further marginalisation, how do they dismantle a narrative written around Muslim women by others and what is it like navigating the work place as Muslim women.