Corporate Governance Framework and Code Compliance

The Alliance Board has always believed in strong corporate governance and the ability to be open, fair and transparent in its processes. Our corporate governance structure includes a board of 12 directors, four board committees and an executive team of four directors.

The board chair is an independent director who is responsible for the leadership and effective functioning of the board. All appointments to the board are made as per our Board Recruitment Policy our recently developed Diversity Action Plan and all roles are publicly advertised. Upon appointment, all directors go through a rigorous and formal induction process. 

From 2020 Directors can serve for a maximum period of eight years [2 x four years]. The board adopted a Code of Conduct for directors which requires all directors to act with integrity and in accordance with the Alliance’s Conflicts of Interest Policy 

Our board conducts internal annual evaluation of its performance and its committees and independent external evaluations are scheduled once every four years.

The board is committed to comply with A Code for Sports Governance and with our Principles of Good Governance for Sport and Recreation. Further details of our compliance with the mandatory code can be found on our annual governance statement.