Charter Supporters


Figures from a diverse range of sports provided us with their thoughts on, and support for, the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation.

Marcus Trescothick - Somerset and England Cricketer

“We are aware of our responsibility to make sport accessible to people of all ages, background and ability, and this includes those who may have difficulties with confidence and self-esteem.

The Mental Health Charter highlights the provisions sport has already put in place to support people dealing with mental health problems.

Yet, as a sector with the capacity to reach so many, there are still more opportunities to create new initiatives which can help to educate and involve people in physical activity as a means of coping and restoring their mental health. In order to break down the stigma, the sport and recreation sector has and will continue to work together to action the objectives of the Charter.

A sporting environment can be a catalyst for the raising of issues but it can also be one of the most powerful when it comes to providing assistance to those in need. Which is why it is so important that we raise awareness of the importance of physical activity and its vital bond with mental health.”

Kelly Smith MBE - Arsenal and England Footballer

It is vital we continue this open and honest debate around mental health, who it affects and the factors surrounding it. The Charter is a good way of keeping the debate alive and gets my full support.

Leon McKenzie - Super Middleweight Boxer and Ex-Professional Footballer

“One in four of us will experience a mental health problem this year and countless more will be affected through friends, family, work colleagues and other people in their lives.

We know that sport can be great for both physical and mental health and, as an athlete myself, I am supporting the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation and am calling for more money to be pumped into sports programmes, to help improve the wellbeing of the nation."

Mark Allen - World Number 9 ranked snooker player

Snooker is one of the most psychological sports that you can play so anything to support the players is to be welcomed. It is definitely a positive development to see that the WPBSA have signed up to support the Mental Health Charter as it is a very important issue within the professional game in particular.

Support from the Professional Darts Players Association

Adebayo Akinfenwa - Professional Footballer

We've developed some guidance to help organisations spread the word about the Charter. Download:Spreading the word: Champions, Ambassadors and Case Studies