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The Alliance always pride’s itself in pioneering governance in the sector. As an integral governance service provider for the sector, we work with organistions to help improve governance on boards by creating bespoke packages to help improve governance standards.  


Governance Training

Each year we run a series of governance programmes to keep the sector up to date on best practice. This includes governance, board performance, strategic planning, effective chairing skills and much more. The aim is to upskill and provide a continuing professional development opportunity for board members in the sector. Further details can be found on training and events section of the webpage.  


Governance for Grassroots

Good governance is not just for NGBs or established organisations. It is an integral part for grassroot organisations too and therefore we work closely with grassroot organisations and help them develop bespoke governance processes and policies which benefit them in the long run. We have a track record of delivering these and uplifting governance for clubs.  


In-house training service

Our Governance Team provides in-house training services to a variety of board's across the sector. We work closely with organisations to understand governance needs and tailor bespoke training packages suited to the board’s development. Whether you are operating as a small charity, or large NGB, our approach is flexible in delivering trusted expertise at a time convenient to you. If you would like to book an initial consultation with a member of the Governance Team, further details can be found here.    


Contact Our Governance Team

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