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Ready Steady Active is a community based initiative set up in 2015 by Rashida Salloo in Batley and Dewsbury. The programme uses sport and physical activity in predominantly lower socio-economic areas to break down barriers and to make sure that people from all backgrounds feel comfortable getting involved in sport and physical activity.

Ready Steady Active also work closely with young girls and women from Muslim and South Asian communities who can face a significant number of barriers to getting involved in physical activity. Over the course of several years, the programme has helped a large number of women and young girls getting active and playing sport, including many who had never previously had the chance to take up a sport and older women who haven’t played any sport for several decades. 


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The programme also set-up a community rounders tournament, bringing over 60 women and girls together to play competitively. The tournament supported the women and girls to increase their confidence and skills while providing an opportunity outside of their normal work and school routine to spend time with friends, compete at a sport, improve their skills and feel respected and appreciated.

Another significant part of Ready Steady Active's work is to help people develop the skills and confidence to be more independent in being physically active themselves, but also to be able to use the skills they’ve learnt through sport to develop themselves personally. Ready Steady Active helps support young girls to become leaders and activators by encouraging them to take on leadership positions in the sessions and identifying opportunities outside of the sessions where they can develop further.

Additionally, through their links with Yorkshire Sport Foundation they have developed the successful Mums Team project which has helped over 30 mums to lead and organise physical activity. Many of these mums have come from backgrounds where they never saw themselves being a leader or activator yet many of these ladies are now providing sports activities to their own circle of friends and families which is a big step for them.

Ready Steady Active plans to use the prize money to train more volunteers to lead additional sports session which are designed to improve community cohesion and get people physically active.

Rashida Saloo, Ready Steady Active, receives the Added Social Value Award at the 2017 Community Sport and Recreation Awards (JamesCannon)

Rashida Salloo founder of Ready Steady Active commented “Winning the Added Social Value award is amazing and has given us the reassurance that the work we are doing is making a real difference, not just to the people who are participating, but throughout the community. We will use the prize money to increase the opportunities for more people to join in, train volunteers, increase the size of our sport leagues and continue working to bring people together from different backgrounds through physical activities.”


Other Programmes

Ready Steady Active have recently developed a partnership with Huddersfield Town Foundation to deliver football and fitness to the local community. RSA are hoping the programme will help to provide volunteering and qualifications to young people too.

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Ready Steady Active have recently introduced a diabetes health programme in association with Diabetes UK to help support women to get healthier, lose weight, eat healthier and adopt a better lifestyle whilst learning more about managing and preventing diabetes.

One attendee from the sessions has reported a weight loss of 5.5kg, which has led to her making changes to her diet and lifestyle.

Overall the programme has helped 19 women to lose over 8 stone in just 8 weeks and has improved fitness levels and help to tackle obesity. Ready Steady Active are now looking to roll it out to other local areas subject to securing funds.

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