Alliance and Join In celebrate remarkable London 2012 volunteers

London 2012 volunteers ()

To mark the 10th anniversary of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, the Sport and Recreation Alliance and Join In have been celebrating the fantastic volunteers who helped make the Games so special.

Across social media, on the Alliance and Join In’s account, we have been sharing the stories of individual volunteers, as they told us what their experiences were at the Games, and what they have been doing in the ten years since.

Below are all the videos that have been published during the past two weeks – take a look and enjoy listening to some incredible stories.

Since his experience at London 2012, Andy has worked at other sporting events including the men’s and women’s Cricket World Cups, and the Women’s Euros.

Daniel spent six months volunteering at London 2012, from meeting and greeting athletes at Heathrow to being in three of the ceremonies.

From joining the Games Maker Choir to volunteering at the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi, Kerry’s story since London 2012 is a remarkable one.

Liz was a suffragette in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony and it completely changed her life. Since the Games, she’s done a great deal of campaigning for the gender equality and now works in girls’ education across the globe.

Volunteering at the London Olympics was a turning point in MFA Zaman’s life – watch a short snippet of his remarkable story 10 years on from the Games.

London 2012 volunteer Borsha Sarker has volunteered at a major event in every year since the Games. Here, she shares a heart-warming story of how one encounter with another volunteer made her experience extra special.

“Not only did the Games change my life, it actually saved my life.” This is Karolyn’s story – well worth a listen.

Nadeem was a team leader stationed at the Olympic Park during London 2012. He has lots of amazing memories, from Usain Bolt jumping on him to celebrate in the crowd to having a tearful moment at the closing ceremony.

We love Lorna’s enthusiasm! Brilliant to hear her fantastic story as a London 2012 Games Maker.

Sonia having the pleasure of showing Michelle Obama to her seat whilst volunteering at the London 2012 Olympics – another wonderful story.

Margo says that without her experience as a Games Maker, she would never have gone down a path which led her to become Mayor of Newbury in 2018.

Brilliant to hear from lifelong volunteer Rita on how the Olympics brought people from lots of different backgrounds together, and how the Games Makers got the chance to be at the centre of it all.