Try something new, Try Handball

England Handball has created the tools you need to #TryYourKitOn and play handball. England Handball CEO, David Meli, explains more.

Have you tried handball? We think you should. It is the most exciting, high scoring, action packed team sport that can be played by anyone. That is why we at England Handball have developed Try Handball.

What is Try Handball I hear you ask? To quote a well-known advert strap-line, ‘It does exactly what is says on the tin’. Try Handball has been designed to give more people the opportunity to try the game and be part of the excitement of handball. It also aims to help more people be active – especially those new or returning to sport.

So, how does it work? A key element of Try Handball is its flexibility. You just need the inexpensive Try Handball pack to get started. Each pack includes two Quickplay portable goals, 12 starter balls, five bibs, throw-down markers and ‘How-to-play’ information. You can then play Try Handball exactly how you want to. This could be a ‘throw-about’ in the park, or a game on a netball court. It may be a fun session at lunchtime at work, or a competition between companies. A handball club, or sports club could run a session so people can try the sport, while a local authority or sports provider might offer Try Handball as an activity. Whichever way you make Try Handball work for you, the social, fun aspect is important and it is something you can do with friends. Try Handball is also  a great way of meeting new people.

. On top of this, handball is a new sport for many people and everyone will be learning to play it together. All this, allied with the social side, helps take away the apprehension that people may feel about playing sport or being physically active. That’s why we think, as mentioned, it is perfect for people new, or returning to physical activity to #tryyourkiton and play handball .

If this wasn’t enough Try Handball will also help you get fit, learn new sports skills, and be part of a team.

To help spread the word about Try Handball, England Handball has produced free resources that can be downloaded from the England Handball website. These will mean you can let your friends know how exciting it is - or a club or sports provider can publicise a session. This includes logos, website banners, social media images and a branded empty-belly poster that can be downloaded or edited as a PDF and sent round electronically. All these resources are also available with a slightly different look if you want to promote women-only Try Handball ‘throw-abouts’ or sessions. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Try Handball started and be part of the excitement.

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