Why Play Innovation are championing Diversity and Inclusion at the Community Sport and Recreation Awards 2023

Diversity and Inclusion Award, sponsored by Play Innovation ()

The Community Sport and Recreation Awards 2023 are just a day away, and we spoke to Play Innovation, sponsors of the Diversity and Inclusion Award, to find out why being involved this year means so much to them.

Play Innovation was launched in 2010 to create environments which engage, inspire and bring communities together through sport and physical activity. We recognised that to truly bring down barriers to exercise and to reach those who would benefit most from getting physically active, we need to do something differently. 

Our founding principle has been to make sport and play more inclusive, more informal and more fun, by creating innovative spaces in which everyone can enjoy play. We design, build and energise recreational spaces to create next-generation playgrounds, sports facilities and games areas for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. 

We transform environments, bring communities together, create pride and generate a positive impact on lives. We do it because we recognise that communities need engaging focal points in which to come together. 

Our innovative playgrounds, ballcourts and MUGAs are literally weaving new fabric into communities – transforming them through unique design and personalised features and providing a valuable impact. 

We are considered innovative outdoor recreation consultants, but we are proud to be community builders.

That’s why we are sponsoring the Community Sport and Recreation Awards 2023. 

Like us, the awards celebrate the full breadth and power of sport and recreation. Like the projects we create, the award winners show how to successfully harness the power of sport and to put it to good use. 

We recognise that to reach those who need the most help in order to get active – including those from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, those with disabilities, women and girls, and people from lower socio-economic groups – you need to do something differently. By partnering with the Community Sport and Recreation Awards 2023 we hope to help promote and support the projects that help reach these underserved groups. 

Alliance members can find out more about Play Innovation, and how they can benefit from the organisation’s services, by heading to: https://www.playinnovation.co.uk/  


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