Governance improvements progressing but further change required

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Committing to good governance is a new report from the Sport and Recreation Alliance which reviews the governance commitment made by the sport and recreation sector in recent years. It shines a light on the success to date, highlights areas where work is ongoing and outlines the challenges ahead. 

Andrew Moss, chairman of the Sport and Recreation Alliance commented, “I’m very proud to be part of a sector that has signalled its commitment to good governance so strongly and is moving ahead of many other sectors. 

“Since the launch of the Voluntary Code of Good Governance in 2011 the entire sport and recreation sector has made huge strides around governance and the introduction of A Code for Sports Governance two years ago has helped to accelerate this positive change. 

“We know that good governance is far more than a tick box exercise and I’m encouraged to see that the importance of board behaviours as a concept is gaining momentum. 

“This report also starts to address the question of what good governance looks like for the thousands of organisations operating at a grassroots level. The Sport and Recreation Alliance will be doing some further work in this area to develop more support for the sector but from talking to our members already we do think it is important that any new requirements placed on local clubs and organisations must be proportionate and done in a supportive way to avoid stifling the crucial work of volunteers.” 

You can find the full report on our website here. 

For more information about how the Sport and Recreation Alliance can support your organisation around its governance needs, please get in touch with Vijaya Panangipalli on 


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