Alliance join team to work on Sport England project to improve board diversity

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The Sport and Recreation Alliance is delighted to confirm that it will work alongside Perrett Laver on improving sector diversity – a project launched by Sport England and UK Sport on Friday 20 September.

The Alliance will provide training and development to potential candidates who wish to be appointed to a sports board, with the aim of appointing 160 directors over the next 18 months.

Sport and Recreation Alliance CEO, Lisa Wainwright added: “The Alliance is delighted to partner with Perrett Laver to help deliver diversity through a wide range of training and development programmes for future directors in the sector. I personally welcome this project as it is critical to grow diverse boards within our sector.

“We have always supported our members with good governance and this project is another way we are helping sport boards enhance their decision-making process and operate as high performing organisations. We look forward to working with Perrett Laver and other partners on this project.”

Head of Governance, Vijaya Panangipalli said: “Being able to draw upon a diverse set of experience and views, gives a board a unique ability to strive for bigger and better things.

“The governance team is excited to work with Parrett Laver and partners on this project to help appoint 160 diverse candidates to sports boards by March 2021.”

Other partners on this project include the Activity Alliance, Birkbeck University, Women on Boards, Stonewall and Rimjim Consulting.

To find out more about this project, please head here.