Alliance digests latest APS results

Sport England boxing (Sport England)

The latest APS figures reveal the number of people playing sport and getting active in England is up on 2015 and also up on statistics recorded in October 2012 directly after the Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

There are more women playing sport and getting active now than ever before. Through the hard work of our members and the wider sector, 7.21 million women now play sport and do regular physical activity. Whilst the gender gap has been reduced to 1.55 million, there is still more work to be done and the key challenge will be making sure that this trend is sustained and continues to grow.

Positively, there is some notable growth amongst some of the most excluded people in society. There are now 2.92 million people from black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) backgrounds now talking part in sport. This increase demonstrates the influential role sport and recreation has to play in helping to address some of the challenges faced by people from a BAME background.

The results released today reflect the proven track record of sport and recreation organisations to deliver programmes that engage people from demographics that have previously seen low participation figures. This further evidences the continued role our members have to play in delivering the new strategy through their established infrastructures and volunteers to communities across the country.  

Emma Boggis commenting on the figures said:

“These latest figures represent how as a sector, we are reacting to a changing consumer environment and putting in place programmes that suit the needs of the customer. It is particularly pleasing to see an overall increase and that the growth in the number of women playing sport or getting active has positive momentum.

Our members are continually striving to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to be active in a welcoming and positive environment and as well as highlighting great progress in some areas, the figures also reveal where more emphasis needs to be placed.

Everyone involved in sport and recreation knows the huge potential the sector has to deliver a wide range of benefits so it is important that everyone, policy makers and sport and recreation organisations alike, builds on the insight from the latest figures and applies it to make sure that these figures continue to grow.”

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