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Social Media/Community Manager

  • Location: Nationwide
  • Organisation: British Kickboxing Council
  • Salary: No remuneration currently offered
  • Closing Date: 08 August 2019 | Marketing & Communications

Social Media/Community Manager

Salary: No remuneration currently offered

Location: Nationwide

The BKC is a non-profit organisation, with a Board of Directors which consists of senior members and representatives from a variety of Kickboxing associations and an Executive Board made up of sector specialists and passionate supporters of our sport.

Our immediate goal is the recognition of Kickboxing under the Sports Councils here in the UK and to gain official National Governing Body status for the BKC. To that end, we have been working for nearly 10 years to create a system of governance, guidance and support for Kickboxing community, agreeing upon its direction and development by way of democratic processes which aim to give control over the sport to the sport itself.

Job Description

As Community Manager for the BKC, you will own the two-way flow of information and ideas between the Council, it’s Committees and the tens of thousands of Kickboxers across the UK. Working with the PR/Comms Officer and various Project Leads, the Community Manager will focus on ensuring maximum engagement with the Kickboxing community, from casual participants to professional athletes, as well as increasing public understanding of both the sport and our work within it. The Community Manager will also sit on the Executive Board of the BKC, earning full voting rights after a 6 month probationary period.

Responsibilities Include

- Sourcing, creating and managing engaging content for our social media channels and websites.

- Encouraging a free flow of ideas between the BKC and the Kickboxing community, through interactive content such as surveys, polls and focus groups.

- Liaising with Discipline Heads to appoint and maximise the potential of BKC Ambassadors.

- Coordinating with Project Leads to ensure maximum exposure and impact for any public-facing projects within the BKC.

- Increasing understanding of the work being undertaken by the BKC, both within the sport and without, and developing trust in that work.

- Reporting to the BKC Executive Board and Board of Directors on the effectiveness of social media campaigns, as well as providing recommendations for future engagement programs.

- Identifying and managing relationships with influencers and activators outside of the BKC Ambassadors program.


- Experience of community management, ideally within the sporting sector.

- A good understanding of social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, as well as website editors (such as Wix/Wordpress).

- Excellent communication skills, including written and spoken English.

- Experience of project work, including creating and understanding reports, is essential.

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Closing date for applications is 8 August 2019

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