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INED - Financial

  • Location: Yorkshire
  • Organisation: British Ice Skating
  • Salary: Expenses Paid
  • Closing Date: 26 March 2019 | Non Executive Director

INED - Financial

Salary: Expenses Paid

Location: Yorkshire

Role Purpose

1. To bring the necessary individual skills and experience to the BIS Board for the benefit of the Association's members and of the sport as a whole.

2. To provide an independent* point of view in the deliberations of the BIS Board. *The 31 October 2016 Code for Sports Governance defines a person as independent if they are free from any close connection to the organisation and if, from the perspective of an objective outsider, they would be viewed as independent. A person may still be deemed to be ‘independent’ even if they are a member of the organisation and/or play the sport.

Examples of a ‘close connection’ include:

(A) the individual is or has within the last four years been actively involved in the organisation's affairs, e.g. as a representative of a specific interest group within the organisation, such as a sporting discipline, a region or a home country;

(B) the individual is or has within the last four years been an employee of the organisation; or

(C) the individual has close family ties with any of the organisation’s directors or senior employees.

Term of Office

1. The term of office is for a period of up to four years, ending at the BIS AGM in 2022.

2. The Independent Non-Executive Director (INED) roles on the BIS Board are voluntary and unpaid; although expenses will be refunded in line with BIS's expenses policy.

Specific Responsibilities: INED - Financial

1. In liaison with the Chair, fellow Directors, the Chief Executive Officer and the Finance Manager, to provide strategic input into BIS's financial policies and to exercise oversight of the Company's budgets and forecasts, at least quarterly, in order to ensure the maintenance of a sound financial platform at all times.

2. To chair the BIS Audit Committee (a Board Committee).

3. Where appropriate, to undertake specific project work on behalf of the BIS in line with the individual's skills, knowledge and experience.

General Role of Directors (individually and collectively)

1. To provide leadership of BIS, as the Company, within a framework of prudent and effective controls, which enable risk to be assessed and managed.

2. To set the company’s strategic aims, ensuring that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the Company to meet its objectives.

3. To set the Company’s values and standards and ensure that its obligations to its members, to the sport and to other stakeholders (including funders and all its statutory obligations) are understood and met.

4. To exercise all reasonable care and judgement, to uphold the highest standards of integrity and probity, and to safeguard the name and reputation of the Company.

5. To ensure the Company accounts present a true and fair reflection of its actions and financial performance, and that the necessary internal financial control systems are put in place and monitored regularly and rigorously.

6. To scrutinise the performance of BIS's operational management in meeting agreed goals and objectives and to monitor the reporting of performance against agreed strategic and operational plans and budgets.

7. To develop a constructive working relationship with the Chair, fellow Directors, CEO and Senior Management Team, providing support and guidance in areas of particular expertise and knowledge.

8. To uphold the values of the Association, as an appropriate role model and to ensure, as a Director, that he/she promotes equality and diversity for all its members, staff and other stakeholders.

General Duties of Directors (individually and collectively)

1. Proactively to function as a Director in the Board's decision-making process to ensure that full and complete consideration is given to all options during the process. (There are usually six full Board meetings each year.)

2. Together with the Chair, fellow Directors and the Chief Executive Officer, to report to the Association's membership annually.

3. As and where appropriate, to attend BIS events and to represent the Company externally.

4. To sit on such Board or other committees or working groups, as shall be decided from time to time by the Board, and that fit his/her experience; and, if appointed to such a Board or other committee or working group, to adhere to the relevant terms of reference.

5. To take responsibility, in conjunction with the Chair, for his/her own personal development, including maintaining a broad current knowledge of the work of BIS and undertaking training where appropriate, and to ensure that this remains a priority.

6. To comply at all times with the Company’s policies in relation to Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity.

7. To declare any interest in any proposed transaction or arrangement, to avoid conflicts of interest, and not to accept benefits from third parties.

8. To comply at all times with the BIS Board Code of Conduct.

How to apply

To apply, please send your CV with a covering letter that explains what motivates you to apply and how you meet our requirements by email to

Closing date for applications is Tuesday the 26 of March 2019, at 12 midday.

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