New Year’s Resolutions –Good Governance in Practice

The start of a year is traditionally a time for planning and goal-setting. For anyone looking for the perfect professional development opportunity, benefitting both the individual and the organisation, then the ICSA Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Sport Governance and Administration could be for you.

The ICSA Level 6 Advanced Certificate means giving up easily preventable but unforeseen crises (large and small). You’ll be creating a strong foundation for your organisation, creating more opportunities to engage with your stakeholders and ensuring that risks are foreseen and managed (making your innovative, diverse, well-engaged organisation sustainable too). Through all of this, you’ll create the circumstances for your organisation to perform better and provide the best possible experience to members, participants and other stakeholders.

Good governance has been lingering in the background for a while now, and there’s no suggestion it’s going away any time soon. The sooner you jump on the bandwagon; the sooner you see the benefits. The recently added incentive is Sport England’s new funding approach which is considering a much wider range of organisations and activities – if they comply with A Code for Sports Governance. We’ve yet to see a good reason not to improve your organisation’s governance (though do let us know if you think of any).

If you’re serious about understanding and implementing good governance, there are plenty of opportunities to improve your knowledge. One such opportunity arising soon is the next cohort of the ICSA Advanced Certificate in Sport Governance and Administration. Developed in partnership between ICSA, the Governance Institute, and the Sport and Recreation Alliance; with input from governance experts from across the sport and recreation sector; the Advanced Certificate is a level 6 professional qualification designed for employees or volunteers in sport and recreation organisations with responsibility for implementing or overseeing governance. The qualification covers all aspects of governance in sport and recreation organisations, and the next cohort starts on 22 February.

Another upcoming opportunity is the refresh of our Voluntary Code of Good Governance. We are working with members to make sure that this new edition reflects the current landscape building on Sport England and UK Sport’s Code. It will specifically help all sport and recreations organisations tap into the hearts and minds of their organisation and will address the culture and behaviour from a principles based framework. Our new code will be launched in May at our Sports Summit.

For more information on the ICSA Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Sport Governance and Administration visit the course website here.