Support the campaign

To help spread the word about the inactivity crisis facing our country, we've developed a few simple tools to help you share your support for the #RightToBeActive campaign.

If you haven't already, please head over to and sign our petition.

Email your MP

We want to push the inactivity crisis up the political agenda and encourage MPs up and down the country to play their part in tackling this crisis. You can use our letter template to contact your MP, just follow these five easy steps:

  • Copy and paste this text into a new email, using the subject line provided;
  • Find your local MP by entering your postcode here;
  • Paste their email address into the 'To:' box on your email;
  • Sign off your email;
  • Hit send!

Social media assets

We're working with a number of organisations, including England Athletics and Swim England, to create awareness around the campaign. If you're a member, we'd be happy to create bespoke imagarey for you to use on your social media channels.

Please email for more information about how your organisation can become an offical supporter. 


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Website and Newsletter Copy

If you'd like some copy for your website or for your newsletter please email