ReconomicsAs a nation we love to get outdoors. Whereas some of us seek peace and quiet, others want a hit of adrenaline.

Whatever the motivation, all of this activity makes a significant contribution to the UK economy – an impact which is felt in every corner of the country.

The Reconomics report brings together all the existing information, research and evidence relating to the impact of outdoor recreation and provides a compelling case to politicians of the true value of outdoor recreation.

Outdoor recreation:

  • Is the UK’s favourite pastime: three in four adults in England regularly get active outdoors.
  • Drives the visitor economy: people spending their day enjoying outdoor recreation spent £21 billion in 2012/13 - and when you factor in overnight visits this comes to £27 billion.
  • Creates jobs and skills: walking tourism alone supports up to 245,500 full-time equivalent jobs.
  • Promotes a healthy nation: outdoor recreation can make a significant contribution to tackling the £10 billion cost of physical inactivity.

The Reconomics report is presented in three forms – a report, an evidence document and case study stories.

The Reconomics report is a 20-page document, condensed down to offer all the facts regarding outdoor recreation’s contribution to British life alongside helpful infographics and images.

The fully referenced evidence document allows those with a professional interest in the field to analyse how we came to our conclusions and was produced with the help of Liverpool John Moores University.

The case studies expand on the human side of outdoor recreation. We’ve taken 26 examples from across the sector – from looking at how the Wales Costal Path has brought new life to rural areas, to what the volunteers at the Canal and River Trust get up to – and with them, brought the vibrant tapestry of outdoor recreation to life.

Download the Reconomics report.

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Case studies.

Evidence document.

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