The Benchmarking Tool

We have developed The Benchmarking Tool to help your organisation assess its governance practices and review compliance with the recommendations and suggestions in The Principles of Good Governance for Sport and Recreation.

The Benchmarking Tool is an online self-assessment that will help identify strengths and weaknesses of current governance practice and improve them where needed. It consists of a questionnaire based on the seven principles and takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete by each board member individually. Once submitted, the Alliance governance team will analyse your answers and prepare a summary report including specific findings as well as recommendations for further action.

This process will also allow you to pick up on the potentially varying perspectives that your board directors may have about their roles as individuals and how well the board is working collectively.

By taking The Benchmarking Tool and implementing the recommended actions your organisation will be able to demonstrate commitment to good governance and accountability to your key stakeholders. You will also be able to inform board members about how their behaviours affect the organisation and the board as a whole.

The tool is free of charge for signatories of the Principles. If you wish to use The Benchmarking Tool or need more details about the product, please contact Marianna Sikorowska -

Governance MS ()