Principle Six: Accountability and Transparency

The resources within Principle Six have been provided to help boards work routinely in a transparent, open, and accountable manner. 

It is the board’s responsibility to provide accountability and transparency for stakeholders. The board must ensure that relevant information, like audited accounts and board policies, are published and made publicly available to members and other stakeholders, to allow for proper scrutiny of the board’s work.

The board should have a structure in place to manage queries or questions related to these disclosures, allowing the organisation to be held to account and should also be prepared to deal with formal complaints and disputes from members. A commitment to accountability and transparency is key to ultimately promoting organisations in a positive and trustworthy light. Organisations will be encouraged to act with propriety, and stakeholders will feel valued. The reputation and public standing of the organisation will benefit hugely.

The resources below will assist in implementing this principle.

Stakeholder Engagement

Guidance on producing an annual governance statement 

Publications guidance 

Sample Club Complaints Procedure

Template Club Complaints and Discipline Policy