Principle Five: Controls and Compliance

The resources within Principle Five have been provided to help boards work towards mitigating any risk, through a comprehensive understanding of any regulatory and legal requirements.

The board needs to be conscious of the standards to which it should be operating, and of its role in exercising appropriate and effective control of the organisation. Legal compliance is wide ranging and requires more than just compliance with any single act. The board should go beyond legal compliance and aim to operate according to the highest standards of good practice.

The board must also be aware of regulatory requirements and potential risks, which may be specific to the sport and recreation activity which it governs. There should be clear policies around finances, delegated authority, decision making and performance management. The level and complexity of these will vary by organisation but it is the board’s responsibility to proactively ensure that they are in place and are well understood by the directors.

The resources below will assist in implementing this principle.

Compliance Checklist

Example Club Constitution

Model Articles for Sport for Editing

Running effective board meetings