AAIAC, which is supported by both Sport and Recreation Alliance and SkillsActive, is representative of a wide range of stakeholders from the UK adventure activities sector. It works with the industry to identify, develop and disseminate good practice, and to advise Governments and agencies accordingly.

The Committee consists of individuals with expertise, knowledge and experience of the adventure activities sector.

AAIAC members are also understood as coming from broadly defined ‘constituencies’ with which they are expected to keep in touch, and of whose concerns and interests they are expected to be aware.

In accordance with the constitution, nominations are invited for membership of the Committee on an annual basis (members are appointed for a period of three years: one-third of the members stand down each year – and may, if eligible, be re-nominated).

Nominees should have a knowledge and understanding of safety and good practice in adventure activities, whilst having a commitment to the AAIAC and its objectives.

Committee members will need to be able to read, understand and comment on documentation including relevant consultations, legislation and good practice guidance.

Members will be encouraged to participate in the AAIAC working groups and contribute to the development of good practice guidance.

Nominees should be able to participate constructively in open discussions, while respecting the views and roles of members and observers.

The nomination process is now open. In 2013 there will be 5 vacancies. Please contact me for an application pack.

Martin Key AAIAC Secretariat

For further information on the AAIAC please contact Martin Key.

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