Board Skills for Sport

What is Board Skills for Sport?

Board Skills for Sport is our suite of courses and training options for board members in sport.

The training options are a way for individuals outside of the sector to gain an understanding of what it means to be a board member in the sector; and a way for existing board members in the sector to understand more about their legal and financial duties as board members.

Read what Olympic gold medallist Jason Gardener thought when he attended a Board Skills for Sport course in January 2013.

Are current board members looking for training?

Current board members in the sector are always striving to ensure they are contributing effectively to board discussions.

Many of our members have contacted us regarding training for individuals on their board to help them to continue to work in a professional and effective way.

Rowena Birch from British Judo attended the Board Skills for Sport course: "The course reinforced to me that integrity and confidentiality at board level has a vital part to play."

Are individuals outside the sector looking for training?

Alongside existing board members we are encouraging individuals currently working outside the sector to contribute to the lasting legacy of the Olympics by joining the boards of sport and recreation organisations.

These individuals are keen to play a decision making role in the future of sport and recreation and again have asked us for training on ‘how to be a good board member for a sport or recreation organisation’.

What will the training cover?

The training is designed to help individuals:

  • understand their legal duties as board members
  • understand how to operate in the sport and recreation sector
  • understand what a good board member in the sector looks like and put this into practice.

Hear what Tchoukball UK CEO Phil Moore learnt from the Board Skills for Sport course.

Who will provide the training?

We are working with a number of board training providers to develop training options for existing and prospective board members in the sport and recreation sector. The first programme is a joint initiative with the Institute of Directors (IOD).

For more information on this course please click here or navigate to the IOD page on the left menu.

If you would like to talk to us about Board Skills for Sport email the Sport and Recreation Alliance Governance Team or give us a call on 020 7976 3900.

Please keep checking this page for further updates on board training options.

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