The Boardroom

Board directors are elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities and strategic direction of an organisation.

The Alliance provides a whole library of advice on how to run a board in the Smart Sport section of the website.

We also offers networks, training and development opportunities to maximise the effectiveness of our members’ boards:

The Voluntary Code of Good Governance – The Code that enables sport and recreation organisations to aspire to and maintain good governance

Board Members for Sport – A network that sports organisations access when recruiting new directors on to their board.

Individuals looking for board member opportunities can join the network and apply for any advertised posts within the sector.

Board Skills for Sport – A suite of courses and training options for current or prospective board members to develop their skills.

Better Boards, Stronger Sport – A Europe-wide project to help organisations achieve the key features of sports governance.

Case studies – Read a range of anecdotes showcasing how our members are improving their governance.

To find out more follow the links above or contact the governance team.

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