Alliance statement on the UK Sport and Sport England merger decision

Publish date: 
Wed, 28/11/2012 - 16:29

The Guardian has reported that after a period of protracted discussion, the planned merger between UK Sport and Sport England will no longer take place.

Whilst the wheels to merge the two bodies were set in motion before the London 2012 Games, it had been decided to put the merger on hold until the Games ended.

Now, following the success of the Games, the Guardian reports that ministers have decided to keep the two organisations as separate entities, although with each asked to consider efficiencies possible from office relocation and the reduction of back office costs.

After a long period of uncertainty for its members and the sport sector as a whole, Tim Lamb, chief executive of the Alliance, welcomes the clarity that this decision brings.

“It was always going to be difficult to merge the two bodies in practice, with the organisations each having such different remits and geographical footprints.

“What’s important now is that UK Sport and Sport England work closely together to learn from one another and fulfil their different roles in supporting national governing bodies at both grassroots and elite level.

“The Sport and Recreation Alliance looks forward to working with them both in the future to support and provide for the national governing bodies of sport.”

For media enquiries, contact the Alliance’s communications officer Libby Jellie on 020 7976 3933.

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