Alliance asks for clarity on future of DCMS

Publish date: 
Fri, 20/04/2012 - 17:57

Following media speculation last week about the possible abolition of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Sport and Recreation Alliance has today written to Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt MP, asking him to clarify the situation for the sector.

Reports in the media have suggested that the department will be closed down following the Olympic and Paralympic games. Andy Reed, the Alliance’s chairman, has therefore written to the Department asking the Secretary of State to provide certainty for the Alliance’s members by issuing a public statement on the matter.

He is confident that the minister will understand sport and recreation’s concern.

“For obvious reasons, the Sport and Recreation Alliance would be set against moving responsibility for sports policy to a department where it was a secondary concern or a tool to achieve a single, specific aim. We firmly believe that given its proven effectiveness in contributing to a wide range of public policy objectives - like crime reduction, higher educational attainment and improved social cohesion, for example - shoehorning sport into a department where primacy lies elsewhere would do it, and the nation, a great disservice.

“In order to nip this speculation in the bud and to allow sport to concentrate on the Games and this very exciting year for sport, it would be very helpful for the Government to issue a timely, firm and public denial that plans such as these exist.”

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