Policy areas

Policy for sport and recreation is sometimes hard to define.

While there are policies designed to directly increase participation or elite success, many of the policy areas which affect our members stem from a wide variety of sources and often exert only an indirect influence.

This means that many policies affect the work of sport and recreation organisations and participants, but their effect is often unintended.

Education policy naturally affects school sport, Treasury decisions determine how clubs are taxed and the Home Office deals with protecting people in sport and recreation.

But there are also a number of other departments and non-departmental bodies (often referrred to as quangos) which have an influence on the sport and recreation sector too. 

As a result of such diversity, the Alliance works in many different policy streams.

To help you make sense of what are often complex and sometimes technical issues, we have made our summaries brief and given details on background, current status and what actions we are pressing for.

Policy areas affecting sport and recreation are broken down in to the following areas on our website:

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